Recap 8/30/09 – 8/06/09

Miss September, 1961. They need to bring this style of woman back.
Crowd Participation
Great Introductions – Whose emceeing debut is the greatest of all time?
Resurrection ’95 vs Large Professor Remix vs Extra P Remix – Three incredible mixes, but one of them has to be your favorite, right?
Something Different
Dancehall/ Ragamuffin Meets Hip Hop – T.R.O.Y. inna de dance.
Dusty Fingers Volume 16 – Get your fingers dusty but digital, 100% violation free.
Hen – The Underworld (Atlanta 1994) – Something different from ATL. A few have expressed concern over it sounding like 1984 rap, but at least in 1984 there weren’t any online Euro-digging crews, am i rite?
Original Flavor
Vaporized Blends: Wu Freestyles – Vaporized does it again, breathing new life into classic freestyles.
Be on the look out for the new Sounds Like The 90’s dropping this week. Let us know what’s good!

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2 Responses to “Recap 8/30/09 – 8/06/09”

  1. mike tyson says:

    at least in 1984 there weren't any online Euro digging crews haha

  2. Anonymous says:

    that's one nice tit..

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