Vaporized Blends: Wu Freestyles

If you’ve been following T.R.O.Y. since the beginning you know that our friend Vaporized can throw together some great blends. Whether he’s throwing Nas vocals over Godfather Don and 45 King productions or matching AZ acapellas to Hydra beats, the kid puts in work. Now he’s back with a little something differet for the Wu Tang aficianados:

this is a 13+ minute continuous freestyle from ’96 with Cappadonna, Timbo King and U-God spitting over random breakbeats, blended with some kick ass beats by QDIII, Godfather Don, Rockwilder etc.

the original freestyle is from Wild Style Freestyle Allstars Vol.2. unfortunately I had to cut out Ghostface’s verse out of this, but all the random chatter/false starts/mess ups are cut also. this was fairly difficult to construct but I think it kind of works…

Sounds enticing, innit? Download it or stream it here: http://www.box.net/shared/eyy9tstbyn

— Thun

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