Dusty Fingers: Volume 16

If you have followed the Dusty Fingers series and are wondering when the hell this volume dropped, well, it didn’t. Not really. Not on vinyl, at least. You had to have bought the complete collection on CD to get this one. It comes in a nice little package and contains all 16 volumes plus 3 volumes of Schoolyard Breaks, and everything is in MP3 and WAV format. You can cop here. Or try to find a better deal elsewhere.

For those who don’t know, after the LennyBreak BeatRobert’s (RIP) highly praised Ultimate Breaks and Beats series came Dusty Fingers. Going above and beyond any of the others, Dusty Fingers is arguably the greatest break beat and rare gem compilation series of all time. Danny Dan The Beat Man laid a foundation of the illest breaks, from rare soul to foreign soundtracks, for some of your favorite producers to sample from. Don’t be fooled, a LOT of producers used these for some dope songs.

Legend has it that, at one point, Dan had so much vinyl, one day the floorboards at his mother’s apartment collapsed and his records almost killed a kid living downstairs. Damn.

These aren’t the compilations that would come out after something was sampled, saying who sampled what. Many of the greats, besides digging on their own, also looked to Danny Dan for the freshness.
Enjoy this 16th volume of Dusty and be sure to go all the way back to Volume 1 for some great music that has heavily influenced our music from 1997 to today.

01. Day Light (intro)
02. City Police
03. Beams
05. Hawks
06. Hey Jude (yet another ill take on this one)
07. Me Libertei
09. Lupin 3
10. Night Walk
12. The Look Out
13. She’s A Lady
15. Modern Mixture
16. Planetarium-Vched
17. Go For Broke
18. Leathal Enjection
19. The Big One (pause)
20. Maskerade (drums)
21. Superstition (drums)
22. When Your Hot (outro)

Click on the highlighted titles for select previews.

[Download] re-upped 1/13/10


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