Dancehall/Raggamuffin Meets Hip Hop

Being raised in an all Trini neighbourhood, I was fortunate enough to grow up with dancehall and hiphop, and I always thought that when they crossed over, it was the shit.

Who didn’t shit themselves when NWA came out with “Always Into Somethin'” and Admiral D busted shots with his raggastyle! Then Ice Cube copied them with “Wicked”. But then Cypress copied him with “Lick a Shot”.

Anyways… I mixed up this album, NOT JUST A COMPILATION, for those who want some raggatunez, dancehall and dub bass funkin the trunk out of their automobiles.

Enjoy the link! — Cenzi
01 – Bam Bam – Wise Intelligent
02 – Bam Bam – Sister Nancy
03 – Redhead Kingpin – Kilimanjaro Style
04 – Badman Anthem – Spragga Benz
05 – Typewriter Remix ft. Red Hot Lover Tone – Louie Rankin
06 – Hip Hop General – Chip Fu
07 – Unda Me Sensi – Barrington Levy
08 – Unda Some Buda – D-Nice
09 – Don’t Give a Fuck – Raw Fusion
10 – Boom Wha Dat – Grand Daddy I.U.
11- Ghetto Red Hot (Remix) – Supercat
12 – Road to Zion ft. Nas – Damien Marley
13 – Black Star Liner -Brand Nubian
14 – Who Can Get Busy Like This – Grand Puba
15 – Easy Star – Poor Righteous Teachers
Editor’s Note: Still fiending for more dancehall flavor? Drizzle uploaded a compilation from Soul Jazz Records called 100% Dynamite.

a1 Supercat ‘Don Dada’
a2 Yankee B ‘The Original’
a3 Shinehead ‘Know How Fe Chat’
b1 Fu Schnickens ‘Ring The Alarm’
b2 Born Jamericans ‘Informa Fe Dead’
b3 Shaggy ‘Mattress Jockey’
c1 Jah Batta & Skatee ‘Style & Fashion’
c2 Rayvon ‘Girls Fresh’
d1 Red Fox ‘Dem a Murderer’
d2 Nikey Fungus ‘Zig Zag Stitch’
d3 Bobby Konders & Massive Sounds ‘Mack Daddy’


a1 Louie Rankin ‘Typewriter’
a2 Mad Lion ‘Double Trouble’
a3 Super C ‘The Rat’
b1 Lady Apache ‘Rock & Comeen’
b2 Jamalski ‘Texas Rumpus’
b3 Ken Albert ‘Gunshot’
c1 Shinehead ‘Rough & Rugged’
c2 Ugly Man ‘DJ De Yah’
c3 Rankin Don ‘Real Mccoy’
d1 Mad Lion ‘Love Woman So’
d2 Terror Fabulous ‘Woman Say So’


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12 Responses to “Dancehall/Raggamuffin Meets Hip Hop”

  1. Seo2 says:

    the 2 last links doesn't work

  2. Jdid says:

    nice. i still remember the louie rankin video for typewriter.

  3. Anonymous says:

    good mixing! I wonder what program was used though. it was not vinyl mixing for sure. Smooth mix!

  4. Cenzi Stiles says:

    yo! I appreciate the interest! I use Pro Tools, so yeah alot of mixing is just bpm mixing. But I had to get clever widdit. Thats why I decided to mix the DAmian Manrley track with Ghetto Red Hot, just to prove to myself I could mix two extremes…

    Part two coming soon! I take suggestions!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dead links…please re-up!

  6. Anonymous says:

    mmm… son of bazerk have a nice one… just-ice too on the second lp i think… chains by r.a….
    i left my wallet in el segundo vampire (fat boy slim) remix… sell it by nappy roots…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Like dude said dead links – re-up!

  8. jonny says:

    ugg..i'm having problems connecting to media fire too.

  9. Anonymous says:

    nice post. thanks for sharing. You should check out DJ Xela. He does similar things like ragga over hiphop beats. Pretty good too. Peace

  10. Anonymous says:

    Will this ever be up again?

  11. jonny says:

    Slick Rick – A Love thats True pt. 2

    this is one of my favorite cuts


  12. Stax Logic says:

    Dope mix! did both genre's justice – look forward to part 2 – would suggest something along the same lines style/vibe wise or could go for a concious roots style mix – mixing the likes of Stephen Marley, Burning Spear, Black Uhuru, Peter Tosh with Black Thought, Talib, Cee-lo & Common for part 2.
    Also could someone somewhere please re-up those 2 100% dynamite links!!!
    nice work on the blog

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