Great Introductions

One of the greatest things about music is discovering new artists. Whether it’s the case today, years ago hip-hop was always about helpin’ others get on. There was a certain element in the music was more authentic. The chemistry was real and more importantly rappers were motivated by their competitive nature, not potential endorsements. There are tons of memorable debuts such as AZ on “Life’s A Bitch,” Jay-Z on “Hawaiian Sophie” or 2Pac on D.U.’s “Same Song.” For some, careers were made on just one verse.

Below are 7 phenomenal debuts that some might argue contain the greatest ever. We’re asking our T.R.O.Y. readers to let us know which debut you feel is the greatest of all-time. You can post your comments as well as vote on which debut from the videos below you feel is the best. –Philaflava

Ultramagnetic MC’s – Raise It Up feat. Godfather Don

A Tribe Called Quest – Scenario (Remix) feat. Kid Hood & L.O.N.S.

Gang Starr – I’m The Man feat. Lil Dap & Jeru The Damaja

Organized Konfusion – Fudge Pudge feat. O.C.

Main Source – Live From The BBQ feat. Joe Fatal, Akinyele & Nasty Nas

Dr. Dre – Deep Cover (187) feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg

Lord Finesse – Yes You May (Remix) feat. Big L

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32 Responses to “Great Introductions”

  1. Durden says:

    well, i think as far as just shocking the world with one verse, Busta wins with Scenario.

    But of course, Nasty Nas came through on Live at the Barbecue and i think its safe to say that Nas has had a bigger impact on the rap world.

  2. Pooch says:

    I would say that this is between Live at the Barbeque and Deep Cover. Between the two, I would give it up to Deep Cover on the production tip. That single definitely hit the charts harder too.


  3. Pooch says:

    Scenario Remix is the best "What could've been" of these, seeing as how Kid Hood was murdered 3 days after recording the verse.

    That is who we are referring to on Scenario Remix, right?


  4. cenzi says:

    If Durden talks about impact, then Snoop wins the contest, hands down. Snoop changed EVERYTHING, he took over the whole industry for years!

    Deep Cover wins it for me.

  5. vincentlopez says:

    I've gotta go with Big L here. I came back to school from a weekend break and popped a tape in my stereo that I had recorded from the radio. With at least ten people in my dorm room playing spades and eating cheap microwave popcorn, everyone completely stopped and asked me to rewind the tape no less than five times. My second vote would go to both Nas and Snoop but Big L completely killed it.

  6. Carl says:

    I think Snoop probably wins for sheer magnitude and presence following this debut. Let's not forget MTV played the hell out of this, too. I think you make a better point in the intro, though, about 2Pac on "Same Song"…he really killed it on that!

  7. verge says:

    Kid Hood on Scenario Remix is one of my favorite verse ever.

    I would also mention Redman on Epmd's Hardcore and…
    Zev Love X on "The Gasface".

    Voting for Kid Hood, though. That verse is legendary.

  8. cenzi says:

    oh shit… I forgot about Pac and Same Song! That song made me an instant Pac fan!

  9. step one says:

    good list. others that spring to mind:

    Masta Ace on 'The Symphony'
    Rakim on 'Eric B Is President'
    Big Noyd on 'Give Up The Goods'
    Keith Murray on 'Hostile'

  10. Anonymous says:

    I still get chills listening to Kid Hood on Scenario (Remix). God damn shame.

  11. Anonymous says:

    All good mentions above. Keith Murray on 'Hostile' was a strong intro. But for me personally, Souls & Casual on Del's b-side 'Burnt'is the greatest intro.

  12. Anonymous says:

    1) Snoop on Deep Cover
    2) Nas on Live at the BBQ
    3) Keith Murray on Hostile

  13. Brandan E. says:

    yall have to remember AZ got a record deal just based off that verse on Nas' 1st LP. the man had no demo or nothing, he got blessed with a deal based off that rhyme! thats incredible!!

    Nas' & Akinyele had dope debuts! plus Big L, matter of fact i have the episode of Yo! MTV Raps back in '92 with the Lord Finesse when he brought Big L with him. that was his 1st Tv appearance!

  14. Cenzi Stiles says:

    what record did Redman first rap on?

  15. verge says:

    I said it here and on the forum already…
    "I would also mention Redman on Epmd's Hardcore"
    Lol…Unless that's not it…

  16. verge says:

    Anonymous up there, the Redman one also reminded of Keith Murray on Hostile. He killed that and I couldn't wait for him to drop the solo album.
    Also EPMD related is Das Efx…
    What record did they first appear on?

  17. Cenzi Stiles says:

    lmao.. oops…

  18. ROGADOMIS says:

    Das Efx actually got a deal on the strength of their HipHop contest win while at college in Virginia,to my knowledge no demo.
    1.MF GRIMM debuts on KMD's-WHAT A NIGGY KNOW
    2.B.I.G. debuts on Mary J's-REAL LOVE(remix)
    3.TRagedy a.k.a.Intelligent Hoodlum debuts-Juice Crew all-stars
    4.Larry Larr debuts-3XDope-In effect
    5.Q-tip debuts on Jungle Brothers-The promo
    6.Jay-Z debuts(actual verses) on Jaz-O's-The Originators

  19. verge says:

    @ROGADOMIS- I thought Big's 1st look was on either "Bunch A Niggaz" or "Dolly My Baby". Not sure, though.
    You may be right…

  20. Anonymous says:

    Biggie's debut was definitely on "A Buncha Niggas".
    How come nobody mentionned Sheek and Jadakiss on "Set It Off" by Main Source also featuring Lotto and Shaqueen.
    And grimy ass Puff Daddy on "Dolly My Baby" lol

    Vincent V

  21. Charlee ManSun says:

    @ROGADOMIS: MF Grimm's debut was his own "So Whatchu Want" 12".

    Plus Godfather Don already had a full-length album under his belt a couple of years before he worked with Ultramag.

    And I miss Saafir's debut on Casual's "That Bullshit". Volume 10 also had a strong verse on "Heavyweights" followed by a great debut album. And what about Dres' verse of "Fanatic Of The B Word"?

  22. Jdid says:

    The AZ on life's a bitch was probably the standout to me. I mean of all the other debut verses i think that ones a classic. Hell this verse is tighter than Nas'. actually has Az ever had a tighter verse than his debut?

    On a newer note Foxy Brown's debut on I shot ya really made one think she had skills since she held her own with quite a few skilled lyricists and Lupe Fiasco's debut on Kanye's Touch the sky was pretty nice. I mean for one he completely showed Kayne how to actually ride a track lol.

    and did anyone mention Redman on Hardcore

  23. ROGADOMIS says:

    @ Charlee Man sun

    Peace,good look on that correction,I never heard-So whatchu want by MF Grimm but I'm sure it's hot.


    B.I.G. debut on Mary J.Blige's remix,that debut opened the door to guest spots like-Dolly My Baby,Neneh Cherry,and Heavs joint-A Bunch a Niggas,and his own solo track later-Party & Bullshit.I also think depending on what region we live in,that may be a deciding factor on when you hear some of these classics.

  24. Alex says:

    Two-man contest – Snoop vs. Nas. Both have great verses, so that's a toss-up.

    Really though, Snoop wins it hands-down for delivering one of the most memorable hooks in hip hop history, on a debut hit record no less.

    I didn't read everyone's post, I hope someone put in an honorable mention for Nate Dogg on "Deez Nutz".

  25. Anonymous says:

    I'll add Percee P on Yes You May w/ Lord Finesse& AG… Even though he released a 12" before that, that verse is just classic.

    @ROGADOMIS: Jay-z had a verse on High Potent in '86 but we can say that The Originators gave him his introduction.

    — Thomas V

  26. Anonymous says:

    my favorite verse above from the list would be Kid Hood's.

    — Thomas V

  27. SA FAN says:


  28. skinnyjoe says:

    Damn I'm late, but y'all didn't mention a few big ones:

    -The D.O.C.'s debut on the N.W.A. song "Parental Discresion is Advised"
    -Big Pun's debut on Fat Joe's "Firewater"
    -MF Doom's (a.k.a. Zevlove X) debut on 3rd Bass' "Gas Face"

  29. Pooch says:

    Skinnyjoe, Big Pun's debut was on The Beatnuts' Off the Books.


  30. PAS says:

    SA FAN: Cappadonnas debut was on the Cuban Linx album.

    Personal favorite intro is of course Tim Dog on Chorus Line by Ultramagnetic MCs!

  31. Alex says:

    Also, Cee Lo on "Get Up, Get Out".

  32. skinnyjoe says:

    Pooch, "Off the Books" is when the hip-hop world officially took notice, but Fat Joe pulled Pun off the street and put him on "Firewater". Check out Joe's "Jealous One's Envy" album. Both "Firewater" and "Watch Out" were recorded during these sessions. That was about 2 years before "Off The Books".

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