Street Struck: The Big L Story

Our homie TheBigSleep from The Big L Rarities Blog posted this on the forums and being that is set to unveil this tomorrow afternoon at 140th & Lenox in Harlem we thought it’s best to share this the rest of you. This clip is from Jewlz, the director of Street Struck: The Big L Story and is just a teaser trailer of Dangerzone Films’ new documentary. Peace to BigLOnline.com for the exclusive. –Philaflava

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9 Responses to “Street Struck: The Big L Story”

  1. verge says:

    Can't wait to see this documentary.

  2. dochiphop says:

    wow… cant wait to see that shit. Anybody heard if there might be some unreleased BIG L joints that might be droppin too??

  3. The Big Sleep says:

    Thanks yet again for posting this Gloss.

    @ Dochiphop:

    Yes, there is still plans for a final Big L posthumous album. It is tentatively titled Real Legends Never Die and you can find more information at BigLOnline.com, peace.

  4. DJ MIKE NICE says:

    just got back shout out to Lord Finesse and Flamboyant Ent they each were provided copies of once Upon A Time In Harlem mixtape i dropped
    I have footage of the mural being worked on i have to convert

  5. SES says:

    This is Dope even tho i was mad young when Big L. I'm a fan This dude was crazy nice and Ebonics still top 5 greatest hiphop song ever!
    R.I.P Big L engendary!


    This is how we suppose to treat our Legends! I remember when i was wild young and My sister took me to meet Big L uptown ,he was mad cool and will forever live within our hearts.Imagine the game with L 2day ?.Super different love u Big L .R.i.p! Corleone the flamboyant 1!

  7. ROGADOMIS says:

    Big L is still missed,I can't wait to see this DOCUMENTARY.I remember meeting him in person here in Rochester,N.Y.while he was preparing to do a show.He gave me and my boys who had a college HIPHOP radio show at the U of R called-STRAIGHT FROM THE UNDERGROUND-an interview and hung out with us that whole day.HE loved HipHop and loved discussing his favorite emcees and who he could crush in a battle.RIP-BIG L

  8. The Big Sleep says:


    Do you have the interview you did? Like, is it online or can you post it? I've never heard of this. Thanks for posting that. Peace.

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