Producer Highlight – Mel Man

The story starts with the Bulworth Soundtrack. I am trying to find some good songs in between so much bullshit, and then BLAM! I hear “Eve of Destruction” by Eve. I don’t even like Eve, but I had that track on repeat for about an hour. I was like, this shit has GOT to be produced by Dre. But then I find out it was done Mel-Man. “What?”. Yup, it was that dude on Dre’s Chronic 2001. I had to investigate more.

After much investigation I realized that Dre was nothing more than an Andy Warhol of hiphop. He was using other producers and polishing their shit, then signing his signature on the shit. But I digress.

After very little investigation, ’cause shit, Mel Man is like that king that made gold out of anything he touched, i found the West Coast’s version of Marley Marl “House of Hits”.

He has Xzibit’s X, Eminem’s “The Real Slim Shady” and, well, the whole Chronic 2001, under his belt. I won’t even include those tracks on my compilation, except The Watcher, because this track is absolutely Mel-Man, and I am willing to bet Dre didn’t do even a fuckin minute of work on this track.

I know this is getting too long for all us ADD’s out here… but I GOTTA mention the fact that Mel-Man’s behind Nate Dogg’s “I Pledge Allegiance”, which just happens to have hiphop’s best sample ever, only after Prince Paul’s “Music For the Stetfully Insane”.
Check it out and let us know what you think:
Los Angeles Times – Xzibit
Sally – Bilal
Shittin on the World – Mel-Man
7 Days (remix) ft. Nate Dogg & Mos Def – Craig David
I Pledge Allegiance ft. Pharoah Monch – Nate Dogg
Hello – Ice Cube
The Watcher – Dr. Dre
Let Me See Ya Throw It – Busta Rhymes
Benefit Of The Doubt – Truth Hurts
The Way I Be Pimpin (Original Xxplosive) – Royce Da 5’9″
Snoop Dogg Dogg named Snoop – Snoop Dogg
The Mel-Funktion – Mel-Man
The Mel-Man – Mel-Man
Bad Guys Always Die – Dr Dre & Eminem
Gangsta – Joe Beast
Year 2000 (Remix)- Xzibit
Eve Of Destruction – Eve
Tired – Truth Hurts
Untouchable – The Firm
Get Your Walk On Instrumental – Xzibit
Watch Out ft. Hitman – Knoc Turnal –

— Cenzi Stiles

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