Dres sez Da La iz Dead … Retarded Uncles

Update: Dres of the Black Sheep responded via Twitter to my inquiry about a nearly unintelligible lyric from “The Choice Is Yours.”

The line in question has been misinterpreted on the internet for years as “Deaf retarded uncles in the parties where they rest.” Further investigation on some rap CSI shit showed that the lyric must be closer to “Dead retarded uncles, in pease porridge may they rest” and then Dres confirmed it once and for all.

His response begs a few questions:

1) Why “retarded”? Is this yet another Native Tongue in-joke? An “ill subliminal”?

2) Is Dres unaware of the numerous excellent Twitter apps for the iphone? Or is he *gasp* using a Windows Mobile or Symbian phone?

3) If we had Twitter back in the Golden Era, would BDK have been able to thwarts the AIDS rumor almost immediately?

The future is now, yo!

So, yeah hit us up over at twitter.com/troyblog and no, for the thousandth time, we’re not dedicating a month to MC Brains.

— Thun

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