DJ Drez: Rare Soul Volumes 1-3

It’s been said before: we here at the TROY blog may place the most emphasis on hip hop from the Golden Age, but we’re simply not that one-dimensional either. Go ahead, scour the blog and you’ll find numerous posts on sampling, breaks, and rare funk and soul records. We’re not just about the rap itself, but also where it comes from and to whom it pays homage. This is where DJ DrezRare Soul mix series comes in.

DJ Drez is, quite simply, one of the nicest DJs on the West Coast right now and a personal favorite of mine. He’s been down with Project Blowed and Abstract Tribe Unique for the longest, so you know that he’s on that jazzy organic vibe. He’s aso created dozens of unique mixtapes spanning every musical genre imaginable, including straight-up hip hop, reggae, middle eastern jahta vibes, you name it. If it’s defined as music, chances are he’s run it through two Technics and a mixer.

The four-volume Rare Soul series is Drez‘ testament to the loop diggas; non-stop, fresh-as-hell mixtapes chock-full of samples and breaks, some instantly recognizable and some extremely obscure. You know, vibes ‘n stuff. These joints are perfect for finding a little beat-making inspiration yourself or simply cooling out on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Don’t misunderstand; this isn’t like every other half-assed mix of recycled Dusty Fingers samples floating around. Drez’ crates are mad deep and he comes with the hard-to-find breakbeats on the reggy-reg. Despite the presence of the word soul in the title, Dr. EZ Smooth never focuses on that one genre, instead choosing to bounce back and forth between dub reggae, 70’s soul, afrobeat, and jazz. In short, don’t sleep because these mixes are incredible.

Unfortunately, the first four volumes of Rare Soul are currently out of print, but there are plenty of other Drez mixtapes still available over at Access Hip Hop. At ten dollars a pop, they’re worth thier weight in gold. I’ve peeped around nine or so of his other tapes and so far none of them have disappointed.

Here are the first three rare soul mixes; no track listings though.


Rare Soul, Volume 1

Rare Soul, Volume 2

Rare Soul, Volume 3

– Echo Leader

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7 Responses to “DJ Drez: Rare Soul Volumes 1-3”

  1. Anonymous says:

    what a magnificient post, but there is something wrong with part 1 and part 2;
    foobar says:
    Rare soul, volume 1: 68,6 MB, duration 2.06 min.
    Rare soul, volume 2: 61,4 MB, duration 0,49 min.
    pretty strange!, but thanks anyway, i'm enjoying part 3. If you have the time could you check out what's up with 1 & 2.



  2. Anonymous says:

    edit; don't use foobar (still i've never seen this happen),with windows m. pl. / itunes everything ok.

    thanks again


  3. chillone says:

    thanks for using my rips.i used mergemp3 and something go wrong.this why the size are so small.

  4. Anonymous says:

    RARE SOUL VOL.3 uses another mix done by GANG DU LYONNAIS called THE FRENCH BREAKERY (53:11 – 57:11, 1:07:29 – 1:09:49) …

    koogleblitz, cologne, germany

  5. Alexander says:

    hot mixes! but why is it in 128 k/Bits ….

  6. Greg Elliott says:

    Hey there. I tried to download DJ Drez – Rare Soul Vol. 3, but unfortunately, The download link wouldn’t work. Would someone please please… fix the link so I can download DJ Drez – Rare Soul Vol. 3. I have been looking everywhere for it. I will even trade for it. Please E-mail me and I will hook you up. I have many DJ Drez albums. Thanks so much.

    Greg E.

  7. Greg Elliott says:

    What up. I tried to download DJ Drez – Rare Soul Vol. 3, but unfortunately the link wouldn’t work. I think it’s dead. Would someone please fix the link and re-upload DJ Drez – Rare Soul Vol. 3? Please, I have been looking for it everywhere and can’t find it. I am willing to trade if you’d like. I have many rare albums and even DJ Drez albums. You can reach me on F.B. or E-mail Fossil22@cox.net

    Thanks again, and this is a dope site!

    Greg Elliott.

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