Help A Blogger Out: Won’t Catch Me Runnin’

A couple of weeks ago, our brother from SteadyBloggin’, Magneto, informed the T.R.O.Y. forum of a different Ras Kass
verse that isn’t on any of the Won’t Catch Me Runnin versions that we can find. Philaflava contacted the man himself
about this rumored verse. Ras Kass confirmed that there is a version with this verse in existence. But he did not tell
us what it is on or where to find it. Rumors on the T.R.O.Y. forum are stating that there was a Soul On Ice EP. Not
the demo, or the sampler, but another EP.

So, can anybody out there help us to uncover this gem piece?

Here’s the verse-

Stop your flow like it’s menopause, the men all pause
Cramp your style like PMS
Suckers checking for lumps in they chest
like breast cancer
My stanza gets censorship from Reverend Calvin Butts
but he could suck my diction, dictation is ridiculous
indicative of dictatorship
Today’s four letter words were standard English until 1066
and ignorance is bliss
So, as I sag my Ralph Lauren Chaps
walking into lyrical scraps
I’m knocking niggas off the map
See more stars than astronomy
Not near one can follow me
Thoughts premeditated like two Melendez brothers
That’s word to the father and the mother

Again, rumor is that this verse is on the Soul On Ice EP. Not the demo or the sampler.
I’ve never heard of said EP, but Ras confirmed the existense of the verse, so I’m sure it’s possible that this EP exists.

To tide us over until this is solved, hungryOne threw together all the different versions that have surfaced thus far:

Won’t Catch Me Runnin – 6 versions
Demo Version
Main Version
Main Version Instrumental
Moet Mix
On The Run Version
Radio Edit


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