Wu-Tang Clan “Dirty & Stinkin’ (Bootleg Vinyl)”

And by Wu-Tang Clan I really mean the one and only… Ol’ Dirty Bastard. This was by far one of my favorite non-album tracks that ever surfaced. This bootleg vinyl was another one of my prized scores from the mid to late 90’s while I scoured all over Chicago buying just about anything Wu-Tang I could get my hands on (I think I’m still paying off my credit card bills).

So that was the good and now comes the bad and the ugly. In 2001 there was a promo cd single that surfaced containing some horrible whack ass Main Mix and a Remix for “Dirty & Stinkin’.” This time around they threw in Method Man to try and save things. Complete failure. Almost as bad, in the same year there was Phil Collins cover album called Urban Renewal. Ol’ Dirty’s contributions was “Sussudio.” Even DJ Clark Kent had his hand in it and they totally killed it, in a very bad way. If you care to hear how people ruined such a great track, grab it below.


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