Favorite Track From "Soul On Ice"

We recently had a poll at the TROY Forum where we asked people to vote for their favorite track from “Soul On Ice”. In my case, it wasn’t easy, as I’ve had at least six different favorites over the years, but as of this moment, my go-to track is probably “The Evil That Men Do”.

On Earth As It Is

Anything Goes



Nature Of The Threat




The Evil That Men Do


Miami Life

Soul On Ice

Ordo Abchao

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section.

–Roy Johnson

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14 Responses to “Favorite Track From "Soul On Ice"”

  1. Boothe says:

    I think Anything Goes is probably the best executed track on the album. Production, hook, lyrics, flow.

    "in 96 I suppose anything goes"

  2. Cr8digga92 says:

    there are a lot of good songs on this album so it's hard to decide. i have listened to the whole album again. so my pick is "marinatin" cause it's a good song 2 relax 2.

  3. Brandan E. says:

    for me its a tie between Anything Goes & Miami Life.
    when i seen the vid for Miami Life that was the 1st i seen or heard of ras Kass. i was instant fan after that.
    Anything goes is soo laid back and smooth, u just cant front on that Al. B sure sample!

    and dont sleep on marinatin!

  4. Anonymous says:

    "Anything Goes".. then its "Miami Life"…then its "if/then"

  5. SoulBrother says:

    i agree…"The Evil That Men Do" is dope, i love the drums

  6. Anonymous says:

    my favorite track is in the soul on ice 12"… the diamond d remix. his verse is incredible!!


  7. Ras Kass says:

    SOUL ON ICE Diamond D remix sealed the deal for me! Ras kassiano

  8. BIG D O says:

    Nature Of The Threat…easy!!

  9. thanksforthecrescendo says:

    nature of the threat was good but entirely plagarized directly from a book (name of the book slipping my mind right now)… tough question but i gotta go with reelyshmn because its got ill lyrics AND a good beat and a lot of these songs either have one or the other but not both.

  10. Krisch says:

    Nature Of The Threat

  11. Anonymous says:

    "On Earth.." or "Reelishymn" the beats arent groundbreaking but Ras kills it on both.


  12. Soul says:

    From what I hear he is a racist dick. Best track was Understandable Smoothness and that's not even here. Could care less about this guy.

  13. SAFAN says:

    Nature of the threat played on stretch and bobbito was the 1st time I heard of RasKass. this album is a classic and for whoever said the beats were weak, the production on this was ahead of its time. miami life/anything goes were my favorites
    on a similar vein there was a song i once heard produced by fredwreck by an artist named k-borne.
    song called "the Kwest" FOr the life of me this sounded like ras kass. had it on tape. came out mid nineties. anyone ever heard of this? it sampled nas on the hook

  14. Anonymous says:

    Ayo! Just listen to the album last night. Hands down its Miami Life. Close second is Nature of the Threat, Miami Life. The Soul on Ice (Diamond D Remix) is a classic. If that was on the album, then no question. Check it out.
    The waterproof MC you ain't wettin' me
    You need to stop rappin' and start robbin' banks like Steady B
    Cause see no matter how much green you make
    You never taste the avocado just another broke Versace model
    Tiger Woods ain't even up to par in the game of survival
    That's why I'm pissin' in y'all Cristal bottles
    Drink Listerine brush my teeth with amphetamine
    So I can sound fresh and say dope things in between
    You strike to five my average snorter, I want a woman
    With the body of a hoochie and a personality like Gloria
    Can't even say I didn't know 'cause while we wanna be
    NWA they create the NWO
    How many years, fo' mo' so fuck them fake John Gotties
    Ain't got no Mazzeraties I be at the party sippin' on Todies
    My niggas pumpin' areas, out Audies in Saudi
    I'm thuggish ruggish to the bone, and I'm gonna dis everybody

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