Recap 8//02/09 -8/9/09

Ahh, summer.
Sounds Like The ’90s (Volume 8) – Another volume plus the same hateful anonymous comments.
The Meters Samples Volume 2 – Because your parents ultimately have better taste in music than you.
Jigmastas – Beyond Real (DVD Rip) – Visualizing the realism.
Bas Blasta – Dangerous – Peace, Connecticut.
Marley Marl – In Control, Vol.1 (Reissue) – He may not have ripped a single verse this year, but Marley Marl gets ’nuff respect around these parts.
Stay tuned!



2 Responses to “Recap 8//02/09 -8/9/09”

  1. G-Sack says:

    Who is that broad in the pic god damn!!

  2. Induna says:

    That's what I want to know. God damn!

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