Bas Blasta – Dangerous (CD Single) 1994

Here we have the promo cd single of ‘Bas Blasta – Dangerous’ from 1995. Bas Blasta started his career on Nice & Smooth’s second album Ain’t A Damn Thing Changed, on a posse cut titled “Down The Line” along with Asu, Guru, Mello T, & Preacher Earl. He then released his first solo 12″ single “Ain’t Whatcha Do” produced by The Beatnuts in 1994. He followed right after with “Dangerous/bw The Rhythm” produced by The Groove Merchantz. Kid from Kid N Play has some background vocals on the chorus of “Dangerous” and “The Rhythm” is a posse cut with Fat Joe, Godfather Don, Juju, & Lord Finesse. Unfortunately on the CD Single, you only get “Dangerous” but at least it’s in cdq. A video was shot for it which I embedded below. He was supposed to released a solo album titled “The Mouth That Roared” but it ended up being shelved and has never been leaked.


1. Dangerous (Radio Edit)

2. Dangerous (Instrumental)

3. Dangerous (Acapella)

Download here. –re-upped 4-30-12 –verge

— Thomas V

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7 Responses to “Bas Blasta – Dangerous (CD Single) 1994”

  1. Cenzi Stiles says:

    Kool G ripped the same sample much cleaner.

    I had only heard Bas on the Down The Line track and thought he was corny. Nice to see that I was wrong.

  2. Cenzi Stiles says:

    lol, are you sure Bas Blasta didn't reinvent himself as Immortal Technique? same voice, same look…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone have Rhythm?

    A Fat Joe, Godfather Don, Juju, & Lord Finesse posse cut i never heard?!?



  4. Anonymous says:

    ok a quick google search and boom….

    Bas Blasta 12inch including the posse cut

    google strikes again!

  5. Anonymous says:

    yea i saw that….egos running thick there….obviously bcc is better than bas blasta but that shit was uncalled for

  6. Anonymous says:

    wooow..I remember this guy. I can remember cracking up at this video when I was a kid.

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