Jigmastas – Beyond Real 1996 (DVD Video Rip)

Since ’96, Brooklyn’s DJ Spinna and MC Kriminal have been turning out fresh underground hip hop of the highest caliber. The Jigmastas debuted with their first official 12″ “Beyond Real” on their self titled label “Beyond Real Recordings” in 1996. They had actually appeared on two compilations prior to their debut 12″ in ’94 & ’95 but they’re mostly known for their “Beyond Real” record; Bomb Hip Hop in 1994 & Blackmarket Unreleased in 1995, one track on each to be exact. But back to “Beyond Real” this is the joint that made them bigger on the underground scene. They also recorded a video for it which i’m bringing to you today. I got it a while back, can’t remember where.. It was titled as a dvdrip even though I don’t know what dvd it could have been from. The video quality is top notch though. I’ll give it 10 for an 90’s underground video quality. I think that it’s pretty rare to find. I also included the full 12″ rip of “Beyond Real” below the video download. Enjoy,


Bonus: Beyond Real / Dead Man’s Walk 12″ (1996)

— Thomas V

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