Deadly Venoms – Venoms Everywhere (CD Single) 2000

The Deadly Venoms was an all-female hip hop supergroup which consisted of N-Tyce, Finesse, J-Boo, & Champ MC that was also wu-affliated. N-Tyce is mostly known for “Hush Hush Tip” track with Method Man which was released in 1993 on Wild Pitch Records. Next we have Finesse (formely of Finesse & Synquis) who released “Soul Sisters” in 1988. After that we have J-Boo and finally.. Champ MC who released her first album titled “Ghetto Flava” in 1994. The Deadly Venoms had trouble releasing their first two albums, they both ended up being shelved. A few rare advance promo copies exist though. Today, I’m bringing your their first single titled “Venom Everywhere” off the unreleased “Pretty Thugs” album from 2000. The beat is bangin'(wu-signature beat) and it’s great to hear veteran female emcees on the mic. Peep the video below. Enjoy,

01 Venom Everywhere (Radio Edit)
02 Venom Everywhere (LP Version)
03 Venom Everywhere (Instrumental)
04 Venom Everywhere (A Capella)
05 Venom Everywhere (TV Track)


— Thomas V

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3 Responses to “Deadly Venoms – Venoms Everywhere (CD Single) 2000”

  1. Howfresheats says:

    Yeah man. Their first joint "One More to Go" was my shit when it dropped- prob cause it featured half the Wu. I always loved N-Tyce's voice, didn't matter what she was saying.

  2. Maul Pooney says:

    That video is dope! Wasn't Lin Que in the Venoms at some point??

  3. Rogadomis says:

    Does anyone have that-Straight from the soul joint by Finesse & Synquis???

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