Half A Mill – The Project Prophet (R.I.P.)

DJ Mike Nice recently uncovered this 1995 demo and brought it to the T.R.O.Y. forum fam.
Even if you have it already, download it again. I slowed it down a bit. For some reason, certain cassettes recorded at a slower rate which made the music sound a little faster than it was intended to sound.
Take a quick listen and start to understand what makes Half A Mil’s mid 90’s material so coveted-
Half A Mil – In The Projects (1995 demo)
[Download here or at the bottom of the page with everything in one folder.]

I remember having that and a few other Half A Mill demos from college radio, back in the day. I had a few of his legendary freestyles, too, but my WNYU tapes were always full of static because of their weak radio signal. I used to have the ill hook up for taping from 89.1. Hanger attached to the antenna with aluminum foil, and I had to hold the radio and point the antenna a certain way to get halfways decent reception. And still, right when you think you got it perfect, you hear some static start to creep in. And you either hope it doesn’t get worse or start moving around just a little, hoping to get some clarity.
Anyway, I’ve probably listened to this demo over 30 times since Mike uploaded it. Shit is amazing. Lines like these put Half in the upper echolons of underground legends with the likes of the Natural Elements and Godfather Don:
“I’m from the projects, the pyramids
each room is a tomb, crack babies and boom,
we call jakes Legion of Doom, executioners, sorcerors,
modern day extortioners, they job is enforcing us…”

Moving right along, we’re going to bring you a folder of freestyles, the Project Prophet mixtape, another unknown track and Half A Mill’s self produced independent 12″ release.

Half A Mill Productions 12″ Vinyl Single

A1 – Any Day Can Be Ya Last (Vocal)
B1 – Any Day Can Be Ya Last (Instrumental)
B2 – Homicide Scene (Instrumental)

The Project Prophet Mixtape

And here’s another Half A Mill track that I caught over at HipHopGiant.blogspot.com. It says that it’s off of a bootleg EP. It’s listed as Executioner’s Song and the quality was really bassed out, where you couldn’t make out the lyrics too well. I did my best to fix it up and make the lyrics audible. I have no clue when this song is from. A ballpark guess would be that this was recorded sometime between 1995 and 1998.

Half A Mill – Executioner’s Song
[Download here or at bottom of page with everything in one folder]

Now, we’re going to move right on into the radio freestyles that also helped secure Half A Mill’s place in my personal underground legend hall of fame.In all, we have 12 separate freestyles. The first five were uploaded straight from WNYU cassettes by Nes over at DirtyWaters. There are some classic verses on these, don’t sleep. There is also a freestyle that was separated from the Roots 30 minute session at WNYU, that was posted here. There’s one from a DJ Lazy K mixtape from 1998, called Justo Allstars freestyle. There’s also one that’s apparently from an old Stretch& Bobbito show and one that I have no idea of it’s origins. And another 3 with
with Nature, courtesy of Hustle The Block.

Half A Mill WNYU Freestyle 1996

Personally, I wasn’t too pleased with his two albums, but alot of people were. I thought they were really lacking on the beat tip. His label didn’t do him justice either, hardly anybody even knew the albums dropped when they did. Check one of them out at Steady Bloggin’.
For the record, if you didn’t know, Half A Mill was found shot to death in his apartment in 2003.

The back up link doesn’t have those 3 freestyles with Nature in it.

Thanks to dirtywaters, boogzthedon, itzmurda, Hip Hop Giant, Hustle The Block,
Dj Mike Nice, and K-Funkadelic.
Let’s hope DJ Scratch properly releases that Half A Mill demo tape, already.

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14 Responses to “Half A Mill – The Project Prophet (R.I.P.)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The dopest Half A Mill demos and freestyles were always on WNYU NY Live with Martin Moore and Mayhem (95-97). They had him in the studio a bunch of times and always dropped his exclusive dirty demos.

  2. verge says:

    @anonymous- Word up, I always wondered why they were the only show that always got all the fresh
    Half A Mill and NE materials. I guess cause they could have them up in the studio more than say Bobbito could. Stretch n Bob had so many other guests swinging through on the reg, I'm sure they couldn't have Half A Mill and NE up there like every month.
    That shit was great, though. Even if the Half A Mill demo tape don't surface, cats that taped from that show should eventually upload the demos they used to play. I hope.

  3. Krisch says:

    i meant: for more

  4. Yohan says:

    Incredible post, thanks for uploading and sharing information.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The bootleg EP was put together by me off the web. HHG got it from legalhustle dot net where "Groove On feat. AZ" was "leaked". Executioner's Song comes from the Dirty Waters Blog. "Remaster" "Groove On" please…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Executioner's Song is from 1996…LISTEN and lay off the weed.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Remaster "Throw Ya Gunz feat. AZ" too and merge my 3 comments into one.


  8. Anonymous says:


  9. nes says:

    'any day can be your last' and 'homicide scene' came out in early 1995. 'Executioner's song' I got from an WNYU broadcast in 1996 not any kind of bootleg release, and all the freestyles have the dates on them. I appreciate you guys linking me on this, but like I say to everyone, I would appreciate if people didn't recycle stuff from my blog, peace

  10. Roy Johnson says:

    Shut up, Nes. I felt bad for you when Thun let you have it on the forums, but you really established yourself as a bitch with that "don't recycle my shit" comment.

    If I'm putting together a compilation for a particular artist, and you have a freestyle on your blog that I can use, I'm gonna take that shit. If you were cool, you wouldn't have a problem with it.

  11. nes says:

    How did I know that was coming… I love you philaflava kids, your a class act. What would you be doing if you weren't rating your top 5 favorite Main Source 12's?

  12. Gloss says:

    Got Jealously?

  13. verge says:

    @Anonymous- I tried to remaster "Groove On" and really couldn't make it any better than it was.
    I guess there's really no saving that one.
    Hopefully another copy surfaces with better quality.

    But I did do what I could with "Throw Ya Gunz".
    It's not much better, but it has more of the mid range it was missing.
    Here you go- http://www.divshare.com/download/8403311-0d7

    And nes, smh. Alright, man. I really didn't see this as 'recycling' your work. I saw it more as a tribute to a phenomenal dead emcee who never got his due. Everything was credited and linked.

    I just thought it would be nice to bring this stuff to a larger audience and thank everybody who put work in on it by linking them. And I also hooked up "Executioner's Song" with better sound quality.

    Well, I ain't mad, I just don't get it. I also had another really dope piece I was gonna do, but didn't because of your request. Now the two songs I was gonna use are on youtube with no credit to you or anybody involved in uncovering them. Look for Constant Deviants "Feel That" on youtube. ..That sucks now, don't it?

  14. Mathhattan says:

    Fire sun I am known as doc312 on youtube pretty much first one who started posting Half-a-Mill Songs on the tube.

    That my blog i will put on on my blog roll http://mo-prophetz.blogspot.com/

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