Edo G Megamix (1991-2004)

Here’s a little gem that was recently posted in TROY by forum member (and part of Low Budget Music) Debonair P: a non-stop Edo G megamix highlighting the legendary Bostonians’ recorded career from 1991 to 2004.

I’ve always thought Edo G a certifiable but overlooked legend of the Golden Age. He’s got some near-classic albums under his belt, and is still making consistently good records even if the company with which he chooses to record is lackluster (read: Slaine).

This mix is real clean and right to the point. Debonair_P forgoes the wikkiwikki turntable gymnastics, instead choosing to simply focus on the music, and the result is dope. Essential for any Edo fan and a perfect jump-off point for new listeners who may have never heard him before, or simply don’t know how deep his catalogue runs.

70 tracks of certified knuckle-headed East Coast madness.

Edo G Megamix (1991-2004) (Mixed by Debonair P)

Here’s the tracklisting:

1. Just Call My Name
2. Official
3. Hot Shit
4. 304’s
5. Streets is Callin’
6. Be Thankful
7. What U Got
8. Right Wingers
9. Too Much to Live For
10. Acting
11. Whatuwankno?
12. Questions
13. Showing Skills
14. What U Know
15. Off Balance
16. Nights Like This
17. Nothing Ventured
18. Revolution
19. Better Than Before
20. Be A Father To Your Child
21. Be A Father To Your Child Remix
22. Situations
23. Dedicated
24. I Feel You
25. Bitch Up Off Me
26. I Used to Know Ya
27. Bug A Boo
28. Wishin’
29. Laughin
30. Don’t Talk About It
31. Voices
32. Bring Truth to the Light
33. On Dogz
34. Pay the Price
35. I Gotta Have It
36. Rock the Beat
37. Check it Out
38. Speak Upon It
39. Extreme
40. Boston
41. Busted
42. Life of a Kid in the Ghetto
43. Sayin’ Somethin’
44. On Fire
45. Right Now

46. I Thought Ya Knew
47. Let’s Be Realistic
48. Ridiculous

49. Work For It
50. Stop (Think For a Moment)
51. I’ll Rip You
52. Lessons
53. Day to Day
54. Love Comes and Goes
55. I’m Different
56. I’m Different Remix
57. School ‘Em
58. Last Words
59. Less Than Zero
60. Rollin’ Dolo
61. Up and Up
62. Strategy
63. She Said it Was Great
64. Streets of the Ghetto
65. Stop Dat
66. Try Me
67. Feel Like A Nut
68. Skinny Dip
69. Let Me Tickle Your Fancy
70. Dat Ain’t Right

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