Hydra Beats – The Godfather Don Collection

Godfather Don was one of my favorite emcees AND producers of the 90’s. He definitely had his signature sound down pat. Sleighbells here and there, smooth, sometimes evil, jazz xylophone bell type samples, and ill as fuck horn riffs. To me, Ultramagnetic’s Four Horsemen album is where he really started to make his mark and master his style.
In the mid 90’s, every once in awhile, I would see these “Hydra Beats” records on the shelf.
Whenever I would see a Godfather Don one, I would scoop that joint right on up. I still never had them all and never would until these days of the internet. At least mp3 wise, but it’s the music that matters.
So, today, we’re gonna bring you the entire Godfather Don Hydra Beat collection.
Get to downloading and get you’re CD burners ready for this one. You’ll definitely want to knock these out the jeep, especially at night.

Editor’s Note: Hydra released another Godfather Don instrumental album in 2004, but I didn’t include it here because it doesn’t really fit in with the sound on these. Also, by Part 4 of this collection, you’ll notice his change of approach to beatmaking and the drop off in that real Don signature formula [in my opinion], but there’s still a few bangers on there.

Hydra Beats Vol. 3 – Godfather Don Part 1

1. Buster

2. Depressed
3. Creepin
4. Gastric Juices
5. To The Bank
6. She’s Gone
7. Talk About
8. Research
9. Dark Church
10. Combustible
11. Culo Grande En La Calle Ocho
12. For My Pa

Hydra Beats Vol. 7- Godfather Don Part 2

1. Executive Technology
2. Cream of Corina
3. Slick City Sick
4. Hot Open
5. Mi Vida Enfermo
6. Ream-Embering Ivy
7. Fuck It Up
8. The Heat
9. Fist Full Of Pastelles
10. The Wicked City

Volume 8 of the Hydra Beats series was a double album with each of the following producers having a side to themselves: Godfather Don, Ghetto Professionals, The Beatnuts, and Sean C. Here are only the GFD tracks-

Hydra Beats Vol. 11- Godfather Don Part 3

1. Mental Liks
2. Pure Elevation
3. As the World Burns
4. Wilson Ave.
5. Getaway
6. Feel Me
7. Pay Back
8. Where I’m Comming From
9. Twisted
10. I’ll Be Back

Hydra Beats Vol. 14- Godfather Don Part 4

1. Unreliable
2. No Free Shows
3. Hey Why Show Up
4. Call Me A Cab
5. Boning
6. Just Mix It Yourself
7. My Driver’s Downstairs
8. Video Taping
9. Beep Lance
10. Porno’s My Game

Part 1 – To The Bank

Part 1 – Research

Part 2 – Executive Technology

Part 2 – Ream-Embering Ivy

Part 3 – As The World Burns

Check the interview that DWG did with GFD out here and learn that he is now part of a jazz trio.
Check kimani’s blog for the Hydra Beats not included here and more Don material here.
Scoop up other Don stuff that we posted here.
Thanks to dirt_dog for the cover art, which I forgot in the download, so download it from this page.
If you haven’t peeped the interview with Mike Heron(producer and A&R at Hydra), do that here. Some funny shit.
And stay tuned for some more Don treats.
We got something in the works you will appreciate.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great shit. Finally i catch some time to come online!

    Really great post, Verge.

    Greetings from Greece.

    – Markshot

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fist Full Of Pastelles is the illest one of them all.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I only even recently got into Don but his sound is so clasic. A talent like him never got the right burn when the NY rap market had Premier, Pete, Buck willd, The BEatnuts.Thanx 4 keepin it funky!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanx mate!

  5. Alf says:

    Links are death? Shit men x3

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