100X Posse – Rare & Unreleased (1992 – 1996)

If you missed our in depth interview and the uploads we posted here last November, get re-acquainted by clicking here. This is a continuous mix CD, but you can skip through tracks and it isn’t offensive on the ears at all. It’s actually pretty well mixed by DJ Nickybutters (aka Bang Bang Poet 24/7). There are some straight underground Philly bangers on here and the ones labeled “Commercial” are actually dope little radio promos.

You can see all who appear on this on the track list below-

1. Intro (Sihn, Nickybutters)
2. Beyond The Door (Alternate Street Version) (Mal Blak, Lex Ruger, Mustafo)
3. Redeyez Remix (Mal Blak)
4. Commercial #1 (Mal Blak, Lex Ruger)
5. Whom Shall I Fear? (Original) (Bad Newz, Mal Blak)
6. 215 (Lamar Supreme, Mal Blak, Black Thought, Lex Ruger)
7. Death To The Radio (Lamar Supreme, Mustafo, Bad Newz)
8. War Against The Surface (Mal Blak, Mustafo)
9. Underground Walls (Lex Ruger)
10. Flowers In The Attic (Bad Newz)
11. Waterfall Of Fire (Lamar Supreme)
12. Commercial #2 (Black The Rippa, Mustafo)
13. Deadly Cemetery (Mustafo)
14. Philly Niggas International (Black Thought, Malik B, Mustafo, Bad Newz, Lex Ruger, Lamar Supreme)
15. New Day, New Flow (Lamar Supreme, G-Masica)
16. Pass The Buck (Mal Blak)
17. Commercial #3 (Mal Blak)
18. They Call Me Lex Ruger (Lex Ruger)
19. Mental Pandemonium (Mustafo,Lex Ruger)
20. Universal Soldier (Lamar Supreme)
21. The Pain (Lex Ruger, Mal Blak, Mustafo)
22. Beyond The Door (Radio Version) (Bad Newz, Lamar Supreme)
23. Acid Rain (Lamar Supreme)
24. Who Fucked Up The Pack Money? (Mustafo, Are Em, Lex Ruger)
25. Outro (Sihn, Mustafo)

Usually we would just give you the free download of something like this, but not this time, sorry. This is still available for purchase through online stores or from the label, click here. And these are guys that never got their due and deserve the measly 15 bucks for a dope CD like this.
But we will, of course, give you some ill previews-

Mal Blak, Mustafo – War Against The Surface

Lamar Supreme – Universal Soldier

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