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Latee is the most gifted MC to ever come out of the Flavor Unit, but unfortunately, he never released a full-length LP. In late 2008, a Latee demo tape surfaced on ebay, and it ended up selling for $100. Needless to say, after hearing the mp3 snippets, the demos shot up to the very top of my want list. Make sure to check the divshare audio samples for the “$100 Auction Demo Tape” mp3.

I originally put this compilation together about a year ago, but since then, I added a Tim Westwood freestyle that was recently uploaded by one of our many great posters in the TROY Forum (click the link for the precise thread, props to thewool). I also discovered that there was an alternate version of “Latee Rocks Da Bells”, and of course, I added the $100 demo snippets. If you have anything to add, please hit us up in the comments section.


Latee Compilation
1. This Cut’s Got Flavor
2. No Tricks
3. Puttin’ On The Hits
4. Wake Up
5. Tim Westwood Freestyle
6. Brainstorm
7. Let Yourself Go
8. Woodchuck w/ Apache
9. Latee Rocks Da Bells
10. Latee Rocks Da Bells (Alternate Version)
11. $100 Auction Demo Tape Sampler
12. No Tricks (DJ Shadow Remix)
13. This Cut’s Got Flavor (Mr. Magic Radio Show 1987)
14. This Cut’s Got Flavor (DJ Melo-D Mix)
15. This Cut’s Got Flavor (Instrumental)

Download here. –re-upped 4/29/12 –verge


This Cut’s Got Flavor

No Tricks

Wake Up

Tim Westwood Freestyle


Latee Rocks Da Bells

$100 Auction Demo Tape Sampler

Props to dirt dog for the ill cover.

And by the way, if you enjoy listening to Latee, you’ll most likely appreciate these late 80s compilations that debuted on the blog last year:

Obscure Dope Shit From The Late 80s Volume 1

1. Jaz – I Believe In Music

2. Low Profile – Hip Hop I Crave
3. Busy Boys – Classical
4. Uptown – Dope On Plastic
5. Latee – No Tricks
6. Chuck Chillout & Kool Chip – Time 2 Rhyme
7. Krown Rulers – Call Me The New Sire
8. JVC Force – Doin’ Damage
9. Phill Most Chill – On Tempo Jack
10. Cool C – Down To The Grissle
11. TDS Mob – Scratch Reaction
12. Percee P – Let The Homicides Begin
13. T La Rock – It’s Yours (Remix)
14. Freshco – N All Dat
15. Sir Ibu – I’m The Peacemaker
16. MC Player – Heavy Metal Mic Maniac
17. Kid Jazz – You Haven’t Heard Nuthin’ Yet
18. Hijack – Doomsday Of Rap


Obscure Dope Shit From The Late 80s Volume 2
1. Latee – This Cut’s Got Flavor
2. JVC Force – Strong Island
3. Lord Shafiyq – My Mic Is On Fire
4. Sir Ibu – Holy War (Live)
5. Busy Boys – That’s The Flavor
6. Kev E Kev & AK B – Listen To The Man
7. Chuck Chillout & Kool Chip – The Mic I Grip
8. Cool C – Enemy Territory
9. Phill Most Chill – Release Yourself
10. Krown Rulers – Paper Chase
11. Bizzie Boys – Mission Accomplished
12. Freshco – Are You Ready?
13. His Majesti – Armed And Dangerous
14. Sudden Def – Def’s Penalty
15. MC Player – Rhyming Rampage
16. Divine Styler – Tongue Of Labyrinth
17. Percee P – Unsatisfied Critics

Stay tuned for Volume 3.

–Roy Johnson

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