Tony Touch “The Sunz Of Man Mixtape” (1998)

Back in the day, I was a crazy Wu-Tang collector. That meant picking up anything and everything I could get my hands on, including any Wu-Fam releases. Here is the promo mixtape sampler for Sunz Of Man’s first album “The Last Shall Be First” mixed by none other than Tony Touch. To me, this is exactly how you promote your upcoming album (in 1998 at least): get a very well known DJ, put on some album tracks, add some exclusives, throw in some freestyles and hand out this promo cassette to everyone you can.

Note: Side 2 is exactly the same as Side 1, so I didn’t bother uploading it. But I did include a full scan of the sleeve and both sides of the cassette.

01. Inmates To The Fire
02. We Can’t Be Touched (featuring Makeeba)
03. Israeli News
04. The Saga (featuring IAM)
05. No Love Without Hate
06. 50 MC’s Part 2 (Freestyle)
07. Tribulations
08. I Can See You
09. 50 MC’s Part 1 (Freestyle)


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