J-Live – Non-Album Tracks (1995-2002)

J-Live was one of the absolute best MCs in the business back in the late 90s/early 00s. Not only did he rip shit in the studio and on tour, but he also blessed many radio show and mixtape DJs with outstanding pre-written, improvisational freestyles.

I traded for two of his concerts back in 2003 or thereabouts; Volume 3 contains his Chicago ‘o1 performance (15 minutes), and volume 4 is a complete soundboard from a ’02 North Carolina concert. Make sure to check the audio samples.

I know that I’m missing at least a few freestyles from between the years of 1995 and 2002, so if you have anything to add, please hit us up in the comments section. For instance, there is an ill freestyle on a wax-only release titled Classic Freestyles Volume 1. I found an audio sample here.

J-Live – Non-Album Tracks Volume 1
1. Longevity
2. Braggin’ Writes
3. School’s In (Original Version)
4. Can I Get It?
5. Hush The Crowd
6. Longevity (Remix)
7. Braggin’ Writes (Remix)
8. Trackrunners w/ Asheru & Grap Luva
9. Shiesty (Original Version)
10. Shyste (Wide Angles Version)
11. End Of Story w/ Peshay
12. The Truth
13. Wee Hours w/ The Arsonists
14. Interaction w/ Walkin’ Large

Download Volume 1 here.  re-upped 9/02/12

J-Live – Non-Album Tracks Volume 2
1. Seven w/ Various Artists
2. Dynomite w/ Lone Catalysts
3. Great Live Caper w/ J. Rawls
4. Great Live Caper Pt. 2 w/ J. Rawls
5. Won’t Stop Remix w/ Lone Catalysts
6. What Would You Do w/ Various Artists
7. Dummy w/ Unsung Heroes & L-Fudge
8. A Tree Never Grown w/ Various Artists
9. Realise w/ L-Fudge
10. Observe The Sound w/ Various Artists
11. Rules Of Engagement w/Esoteric & Count Bass D
12. Final Four w/ Various Artists
13. Sub Level w/ Rob Swift
14. Red Light Green Light w/ Ambivalence
15. Ships Pass
16. The Day I Fell Off

Download Volume 2 here.  re-upped 09/02/12

J-Live – Non-Album Tracks Volume 3
1. KZSU Freestyle
2. DJ B-Melo Freestyle
3. DJ Bless Freestyle
4. Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle
5. CM Famalam Freestyle
6. Eddie Ill & DL Freestyle w/ Asheru & Last Emperor
7. Eddie Ill & DL Freestyle w/ Wizdom Life & AL
8. Eddie Ill & DL Freestyle w/ Various Artists
9. Romper Room Freestyle #1 w/ Vakill & Prime
10. Romper Room Freestyle #2 w/ Vakill & Prime
11. Live In Chicago ’01 (15 Minutes)
12. Interview w/ Ambivalence
Download Volume 3 here.  re-upped 09/02/12

J-Live – Non-Album Tracks Volume 4 (N.C. SDBD)
1. Intro
2. Peace Y’all
3. A Charmed Life/The Lyricist
4. All In Together Now
5. Don’t Play
6. Hush The Crowd
7. Longevity
8. Satisfied
9. DJ DP-One Spotlight
10. Braggin’ Writes
11. Freestyle
12. Them That’s Not
13. Like This Anna
14. Mcee
15. Beatbox Outro

Download Volume 4 here.  re-upped 09/02/12


School’s In (Original Version)

Braggin’ Writes (Remix)

Trackrunners w/ Asheru & Grap Luva

Shiesty (Original Version)

Shyste (Wide Angles Version)

End Of Story w/ Peshay

KZSU Freestyle

DJ B-Melo Freestyle

DJ Bless Freestyle

Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle

CM Famalam Freestyle

Eddie Ill & DL Freestyle w/ Asheru & Last Emperor

A Charmed Life/The Lyricist (North Carolina ’02)

Don’t Play (North Carolina ’02)

Them That’s Not (North Carolina ’02)

Props to dirt dog for the awesome cover.

–Roy Johnson

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19 Responses to “J-Live – Non-Album Tracks (1995-2002)”

  1. madrotter says:

    …………. (speachless….)

    damn man this is true dope, thanks!

  2. BHM says:

    Much thanks for this one!!! On the mic, on the beat or the wheels of steel…..

  3. Jaz says:

    Dope post, J-Live is great

  4. AkeeleeNorfCack says:

    This is an incredible post. I love J-Live. Oh and hey Jaz. lol

  5. escapevelocity says:

    Hahaha, I wasted years and tons of money tracking down this stuff, when I coulda just waited and grabbed it now for free. In my FACE. Awesome post!

  6. deezlee says:

    troy blog is the greatest,
    but what the heck is a pre-written improvisational freestyle?

  7. escapevelocity says:

    What about this track, "Questions (Remix):


    This is the best version I could ever find, a 192kb with WAY too much bass.

  8. Roy Johnson says:

    Deezlee – I can't call 'em straight-up freestyles because they're all pre-written, but he improvises in that he takes bits and pieces from a bunch of different songs and he mixes 'em in depending on the beat. That's the only way that I could describe it. A traditional freestyle is when you come exclusively off the top of the head.

  9. PWS says:

    I got exraction errors on the first two volumes. Any one else have this problem? I redownloaded and all.

  10. verge says:

    @PWS- I also got those errors. I'm missing track 11 from vol.1 and track 5 from vol 2.
    I figured it was my computer, but I guess not.

  11. Roy Johnson says:

    That's strange. I don't think I've ever experienced anything like this before. I wonder why it's just those two tracks?

    Here are direct DL links:

    End Of Story w/ Peshay

    Won't Stop Remix w/ Lone Catalysts

  12. verge says:

    Thanks Roy. Whenever something like this happened to me when downloading, it was usually because there were too many 'characters' when extracting. I'm guessing that to mean that there are too many letters in the folder and track names combined.
    Not sure though.
    Not sure what happened here, either.

  13. PWS says:

    Roy, thanks for the reup. I really dig J-Live, so I'm happy to have these two extra songs.

  14. Roy Johnson says:

    No problem, man. Check the TROY forum for more J-Live rarities from bignormy. He upped the explicit version of "School's In", a rare remix for "Longevity" that was only available on a three song tape and never got CD or 12" treatment, etc.


  15. adrm says:

    j-live has been one of my favourite mc's for a while now. trult dope post. thanks Roy

  16. milandvb says:

    j-live you are kInG i like School’s In (Original Version)

  17. verge says:

    J Live compilations freshly re-upped with a couple of bonus cuts including that Longevity Part 2 one.

  18. Daseck says:

    Thank you!
    Great compilation
    But, The link 3 is the same as the 4.

  19. sam says:

    there is no link for vol 4. can you please fix it. thanks.

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