Latin Groove

By now you’ve known us long enough to know our tastes run much wider than just hip hop. Todays post is one such change of pace. What I have here today is a head-noddin’ collection of latin funk from the late 60’s to 2003. No, this ain’t your fathers favorite Carlos Montoya lp. Like jazz and hip hop, funk is informed by many styles. Cultural influences in funk music are numerous and distinct. The latin take is no different. I love all sorts of latin music, from peruvian flutes, to classic flamenco guitar to the earth shaking james of Carlos Santana. If you’re a sucker for that south-of-the-border flavor then check this out. My favorite tracks are probably numbers 3,11 and 14.

Here’s a link and the tracklist —


01 (5:00) Ry Cooder And Manuel Galban – Drume Negrita
02 (3:29) Marc Ribot – Chingatanero No Se
03 (4:28) Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers – Heat!
04 (3:01) Willie Bobo – Fried Neck Bones And Some Home Fries
05 (3:58) Tommy Guerrero – Color Of Life
06 (3:53) David Byrne – Beleza Tropical
07 (3:28) Banda Black Rio – Rio De Fevereiro
08 (3:35) Airto – Alue
09 (3:30) Ocho – Undress My Mind
10 (5:57) Sergio Mendes And Brasil ’77 – Superstition
11 (5:21) Ricardo Marrero – Babalonia
12 (8:40) Sambo Soul – Mambo #5
13 (3:23) Soul Bossa Trio – Sally
14 (6:33) The Herbaliser – Latin Horns

This last tune is something I cut from a live show The Herbaliser did in New York City in 2000 I think. If anyone out there knows the lp they were playing I’d really like to know! Enjoy.


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