Cell Block Z (Ghostface Killah) Contest

Contest: Cell Block Z (Ghostface Killah) Contest

Objective: Create your own Ghostface Killah mix

– You can only use material pre 2001
– You can use GFK guest appearances
– You can only include 10 tracks
– You can create your own track (remix or verse highlights) but the material must be pre 2001
– Only MP3s will be accepted
– Only bitrates of 160 or higher will be accepted
– Providing cover art is option
– You must POST your mix, along with track list and download link on our forum here

The 4 best mixes will be determined by the T.R.O.Y. & Steady Bloggin’ blog squad.
The public will determine the last place winner by voting on T.R.O.Y..

5 winners total.

*Only residents of the US and Canada are eligible to win; no PO boxes. This is by request of the publisher.

By Ghostface Killah, Marlon Chapman, and Shauna Garr, Illustrated by Chris Walker

To his fans, Cole Dennis is a heavyweight contender with a devastating right hook. To a city being held hostage to chaos and terror, Dennis has a grit and charisma that make him the shining hope for justice–until he is arrested for a brutal murder. Framed for a crime he did not commit, he finds himself captive in a foreboding high-tech superprison whose masters secretly conspire to turn inmates into tomorrow’s most terrifying bioweapons–with Cole Dennis as the intended prize specimen. But Dennis is nobody’s lab rat. Reborn as a towering engine of destruction, Dennis will prepare for the fight of his life. He will rename himself Ghostface Killah. And his cry of righeous rage will echo beyond the cold steel walls of Cell Block Z.

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