Rare NYC Underground 1990-1996

Here’s a dope little selection of rare hip hop out of New York City. Hook needs no introduction. If you missed his album, dont sleep.

‘Sicks weeks’ is one of the strongest cuts from ‘Hip Hop 101’ and starts us off right. Second period is taught by the Sin Assasinz. This lesson comes from their full length album. Fellow contributor ThomasV brought us some of their earlier material awhile back.

The rest of this compilation is off the beaten path so I hope y’all check it out! Seems like the Abadaba single from 1995 is a little better known than his older stuff, but I’d go with his 1992 release any day.


1 (4:42) hook – sicks weeks 1996
2 (3:23) sin assasinz – i don’t care 1996
3 (4:48) asphalt poetry – harmagedion 1993
4 (4:38) i-power – test da spirit (remix) 1994
5 (5:15) azie – gangster shit (remix) 1990
6 (5:02) abadaba & the sonz of harlem – tha muthafuckin’ great one 1992
7 (2:22) talaam – total hegemony 1992
8 (3:55) the pope – to tha rescue 1992
9 (5:42) cdld – i’m the man 1993

If you download this and like what you hear leave some comments. Dig in, let me know what ya think!


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4 Responses to “Rare NYC Underground 1990-1996”

  1. FYI

    Threshold Recordings, posting to let ya know that we recently re-pressed 200 hand numbered copies of the Harmagedion EP with the printed jacket & lyric sheet exclusively for Japan, and we have a small amount of copies available direct for $90. Or you can buy thru Discogs for $99.

    Don’t sleep: email thresholdrecs@gmail.com email to snatch your copy, b4 they are all gone!

  2. Thanks for posting the audio, thats some old school raps right there!

  3. jo says:

    The Azie on this album is the same guy that Wood Harris played in “Paid In Full”.

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