Who Flipped It Better? Hiero vs. Large Pro

When I first heard this George Duke record, I immediately recognized the sample for Hieroglyphics’, “You Never Knew”. Dope sample. A Plus also incorporated a Patrice Rushen singing sample and sped it up to great effect. They wound up with an energetic, fast paced, warm weather anthem that made for a dope single and great video.

The first time I heard Large Pro‘s, “Dancin’ Girl”, I recognized it as having the same sample as “You Never Knew”. I had to go back and dig for the original because it’s not easy trying to remember every single song you ever heard and who used what for what. Nahmean?
Anyway, I was expectedly impressed with the way LP flipped that Duke sample. He looped that shit up lovely and turned it into a mellow, lounging at the tittie club anthem.

Not much more to be said here. Two great producers, two hip hop anthems.
Both dope, but in different ways. This is another example of the talent and creativity that goes behind sampling. Another example of how everybody hears things differently and how a good ear for samples can keep things fresh.

George Duke – Seeing You

Patrice Rushen – Didn’t You Know

Large Professor – Dancin’ Girl

Hieroglyphics – You Never Knew

Don’t sleep on the “sampling” link within the post.


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7 Responses to “Who Flipped It Better? Hiero vs. Large Pro”

  1. Cee-Kut says:

    Large Pro, without a doubt! This laid-back dude knows how the drums have to sound because he knows how to drum.

    The cymbals on the Hiero version are annoying.

  2. AaronM says:

    Large Pro! The drums on "You Never Knew" are kind of weak.
    Still, both very dope flips. Original sample's kinda nice too.

  3. Word says:

    Damn, that Patrice Rushen song is a banger.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hiero…i gotta say i think hiero flipped it way better….the way they did the bassline..

    just my opinion personally

  5. brett favre says:

    dont get me wrong, largo pro is a hip hop god, but heiro took this by a mile.

  6. GiantOfHipHop says:

    Large Pro hands down there should be no question. The Hieros are a bunch of fruits.

  7. Anonymous says:

    A Plus murdered this, hiero takes this one

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