A Mid-Summer Night’s Recap

You pick the spot and we’ll meet in the meadow…

We’re on a one-post per day schedule for the whole of July. Don’t fret though, we’ll be bringing the goods on a daily basis like it was the dead of winter. Here’s a little recap of some recent notable posts, just in case you’ve been spending more time on a hammock than in front of a laptop…

Sounds Like The 90s Volume 7 – C’mon grandpa, get down with this rap thing. The kids think it’s groovy.

Bush Babees: Non-Album Tracks – Remember we? Catch up on rare tracks from the Flatbush movement.

De La Soul – The Instrumentals – From D.A.I.S.Y. to Mosaic, the heat minus the plug tunin’.

Wu-Tang Clan Vs. D.I.T.C. – One of the greatest blend mix in recent memory.

Lucien RevolucienYou should know … about Lucien.

T.R.O.Y. Presents: The Moaning – Clever compilation featuring sultry female vocal samples.

Breakfast With Domino – The Hiero beatsmith talks about production, crew, and making music history.

AZ – A.W.O.L. (Hydra Beats Blends) – AZ can flow, but his beat choice is inconsistent. So Vaporized picked some beats for him. This will stay in the whip ’til at least X-Mas, guaranteed.

And there you have it. If you joined us recently, welcome aboard. To the longtime supporters -we’re just getting started.