Chilly Tee – Get Off Mine (CD 1993) The Bomb Squad

Chilly Tee isn’t your regular 90’s emcee; Travis Knight(Chilly Tee) is the son of then-Nike CEO & President Phil Knight. He released his first and only lp “Get Off Mine” in 1993 with a full album production from The Bomb Squad. But like fellow Bomb Squad’s affiliates Young Back Teenagers, he wasn’t a Vanilla Ice type of rapper. 7 of the 9 tracks from “Get Off Mine” are written by Firstborn of YBT while the other two are written by Chilly Tee himself. Some of the lyrics may not seem right(his dad was one of the richest at the time) but his flow is not bad; he sometimes uses the digge-dy das efx style but it’s alright. You can’t forget about the production though, definitely the main reason to check it out… Here’s the Travis Knight of today.

Enjoy, Give Your Opinions.

1. Thinking Of A Master Plan (4:05)
2. One For The Trouble (3:45)
3. Get Off Mine (3:50)
4. I Guess She Didn’t Know (3:55)
5. Audi Like Jetta (4:17)
6. On The Outz (4:34)
7. Krisis Of Identity (3:38)
8. Snap Ya’ Neck To This (4:01)
9. Just Do It (3:33)

Produced By The Bomb Squad



–Thomas V

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