Touring The States: Missouri

This album is cool. I don’t know from which city exact they are coming. On the internet you can only find that they are from Missouri. Well, doesn’t matter, cause this is a nice album.
Also, i don’t have any single info about them, their discog, nothing. So im guessing, after you listen samples down there and download album after, you will not care so much because there’s no any info about this artists and album. Hope you will like and enjoy it.

Snake & C-Love
N Tha Midst Of Tha Funk (1995)

01. Workin’ On A Dream
02. Can I Call On You?
03. Blowin’ Yo Mind
04. Playa Teacha
05. Parte’
06. Where Dat Hump?
07. How Ya Want It?
08. Can I Call On You? (Vocal Remix)
09. How Ya Want It? (Radio Remix)
10. Momma
11. Let Tha Funk Flow In



— Markshot

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2 Responses to “Touring The States: Missouri”

  1. verge says:

    From the snippets, this sounds like a smoov one.
    Downloading now. Thanks Markshot.

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