Tribe Vibes: Volume 3

A1 Star of the Story [Verses From The Abstract]
A2 Upon this Rock [Verses From The Abstract Drums]
A3 Steam Drill [Infamous Date Rape]
A4 New Rags [Buggin Out]
A5 Tribute to Obabi [Excursions]
A6 Time [Excursions]
A7 Midnight Cowboy [Show Business]
A8 Brazilian Rhyme [Mr.Muhammed]

B1 Exp (skit) [If The Papes Come]
B2 Pot Belly [If The Papes Come]
B3 Who’s Makin Love [Hot Sex]
B4 All You Need Is Love (skit) [Luck Of Lucien]
B5 Sir Duke [Footprints]
B6 Keep On Doin It [Rap Promoter]
B7 Dig On It [God Lives Through]
B8 Rain Day [Go Ahead In The Rain]

C1 Walk Tall [Footprints]
C2 No Deposit, No Return [Bonita Applebum UK Remix]
C3 Between the Sheets [Bonita Applebum Remix]
C4 Why [Bonita Applebum Video Remix]
C5 Sunshower [Can I Kick It?]
C6 The Way You Do [Can I Kick It horns]
C7 Hard Times [Can I Kick It Remix]
C8 What a Waste [Can I Kick It Remix]
C9 Dreams [Electric Relaxation]

D1 New Horizons [Electric Relaxation/Hot 4 You]
D2 What Can You Bring Me [Rock Rock Yall]
D3 Leo [Stepping It Up]
D4 Little Sunfower [The Love]
D5 Didn’t I
D6 Soul Concerto [Spirits]
D7 Cosmic Reign [Lyrics To Go Remix]
D8 The Hump [Mr. Incognito]

I went ahead and included two full versions of tracks that were only snippets on the original vinyl of Tribe Vibes 3 because they are just that dope- Joe Farrell’s “Upon This Rock”(which was sampled by Wu Tang for something in this century that I just can’t remember right now and the drums were used by all these people and more) and Cannonball Adderley’s “Walk Tall”.

Of course there are mad tracks on here that have been sampled by many other people since, as on all Tribe Vibes. The first cut, “Star Of The Story”, is an Rn’B joint that you either hate or love. I’ll admit that it’s pretty cheesy, but I like it, who cares. It was also used for that Smif N Wessun white label, “Nothing Move But The Money”, which you can download here.
There’s just a ton of great music on here. I’m not gonna waste any more of your time trying to make a case for it. It’s Tribe Vibes. You know what it is. Enjoy.

If You Missed The First Two Volumes:

And stay tuned for Volume 4.

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