Touring The States: San Francisco, CA

We told you in a previous Frisco post that in the near future we would present some more posts of that city’s releases, cause they are mad dope. So here we are.

Tha Dangla, RIP, was killed in 2007. But he left us his legacy. This is his first and only album, a Bay Area classic. That is not only my opinion. I was searching over dozen of forums and all of the people either recommended this album to others saying its a must have or only saying that this is the proven classic.

If you are a Bay Area fan and don’t own this album, then scroll down to download link, immediately.

Tha DanglaStraight Max’n (1996)

01. Straight Max’n
02. Game Comes Tight
03. I Don’t Know
04. My Condition Is Cold
05. On The Down Low
06. What Ever’s Clever
07. Poe People Can’t Sleep
08. Guess Tha Topic
09. Dangla’z Love
10. Playaz Do What’cha Like
11. Homies Dedication
12. Show & Tell


— Markshot

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