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R.I.P. Michael Jackson – The King Of Pop (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

Regardless of what a lot of us might think of his personal life, his influence and dominance in the pop music culture cannot be disputed. Tell me if you’re over 30, or even younger, that you didn’t run around your house wearing one glove at some point. Or that you didn’t have or really want one of those leather joints with all the zippers. Michael Jackson was God to some people. You seen the video clips on the news of when he tours over seas. Craziness.

But this isn’t about Michael Jackson, the man. This is about his music. This is about the music he made that directly influenced our own hip hop culture. I threw this together to represent different eras of this man’s legacy. Of course, you’ll notice many things that are missing but you’ll also notice some you never knew. As usual, we put it down in the good old T.R.O.Y. fashion.
Note: On Major Stress – “A Day In Da Stuy”, they did not sample that MJ song but the hook was obviously influenced by “I Want To Be Where You Are”. And if you don’t hear the sample on the Chino XL cut, it’s only a small piece of singing that was used.

01. Michael Jackson – With A Childs Heart
02. Big Pun -You Aint A Killer
03. Michael Jackson – People Make The World Go Round

04. Mobb Deep – Apostle`s Warning
05. Last Emperor – Keep On (demo)
06. Michael Jackson – I Can’t Help It
07. De La Soul – Breakadawn

08. Michael Jackson – Human Nature

09. Nas – Nas Will Prevail (aint hard to tell demo)
10. Jackson 5 – Maybe Tomorrow

11. Ghostface Killah – All That I Got Is You (remix)
12. Chino XL – What Am I
13. Jackson 5 – Walk On By, I Want To Be Where You Are

14. Public Enemy – By The Time I Get To Arizona
15. Major Stress – A Day In Da Stuy
16. Michael Jackson – The Lady In My Life

17. LL Cool J – Hey Lover
18. Camp Lo – Coolie High (Paradise Remix)


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