Touring The States: Vallejo, CA

I was conflicted over which Vallejo album I should include in this post. I decided to drop this one because i found an excellent quality rip that sounds nice and loud.
This album dropped on Solar Music Group (SMG), the same label that provided distribution for artists like E-40, Master P, Dayton Family etc.
As was the case for a few prior Touring The States artists, I don’t have any info for I.Q., so listen to the samples and decide for yourself whether you’ll give this album a chance or not.

Reality Check (1995)

01. Intro – Reality Check
02. Havin’ Fun
03. Some How

04. No Love Here
05. Feel Good

06. Life Is A Game 2 Me

07. Concrete Jungle Feat. Bone
08. Theory


*Thanks to Othello who ripped this tape in highest quality.

— Markshot

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