DJ Skipmode & The Illvibe Collective “The Best Of The Native Tongues Mixtape v1”

If I had any DJing abilities, this is exactly the kind of mix I’d love to make. But since I don’t, may I present to you… DJ Skipmode & The Illvibe Collective “The Best Of The Native Tongues Mixtape v1.” It’s a perfect mix from beginning to end, covering all the bases from the Native Tongues posse. The mix was labeled as 2004, but I can’t find any information about it. If you know anything about this one, please leave me a comment. And if you like to make a donation to DJ Skipmode (and get a free cd) hit him up HERE. Or if you’re in the Philly area and want to connect with The Illvibe Collective, go HERE.

Here is a brief bio about The Illvibe Collective, taken from their blog:
“Since its founding in 2000, ILLVIBE COLLECTIVE has been solidifying its eminence as Philadelphias most prolific, well-respected DJ crew. An amalgam of partyrockers and turntablists extraordinaire whose combined experience totals over a half-century, this five-man family, comprised of Statik, Panek, Phillee Blunt, Lil Dave and Skipmode, has been making an indelible mark on the Illadelph music scene, both individually and as a team. Pick your poison: dance floors, mix tapes or radio airwaves, and its guaranteed that ILLVIBE COLLECTIVE will rock em well — with their loyal, worldwide following as co-signers.”

01 Queen Latifah-Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children

02 Queen Latifah-Dance For ME
03 Monie Love-Monie In The Middle
04 Leaders Of The New School-International Zone Coaster
05 De La Soul-A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays
06 NERD-She Wants To Move (Native Tongues Remix)
07 Jungle Brothers-I’ll House You
08 Queen Latifah-Come Into My House
09 Dee Lite-Groove Is In The Heart
10 A Tribe Called Quest-Sucka Nigga
11 Common-Stolen Moments 3
12 De La Soul-Stakes Is High
13 Da Bush Babees-We Run Things
14 A Tribe Called Quest-Electric Relaxation (Remix)
15 Jungle Brothers feat. Q-Tip-On The Road (Remix)
16 Black Sheep-Have You U N E Pull (Remix)
17 Leaders Of The New School-What’s Next (Remix)
18 De La Soul-En Focus
19 A Tribe Called Quest-Steve Biko
20 Jungle Brothers-How You Want It We Got It
21 Black Sheep-Gimme Tha Finga
22 A Tribe Called Quest-Everything Is Fair
23 Common-Soul By The Pound
24 De La Soul feat. ATCQ, Queen Latifah & Monie Love-Buddy (Native Tongue Decision)
25 Leaders Of The New School-Case Of The PTA
26 Monie Love-It’s A Shame
27 De La Soul-I Am I Be
28 A Tribe Called Quest-Push It Along
29 Queen Latifah-Wrath Of My Madness
30 De La Soul-Afro Connections At A Hi 5
31 A Tribe Called Quest-Buggin’ Out
32 Busta Rhymes feat. Q-Tip-The Illvibe (Skipmode Remix)
33 De La Soul-Area
34 Jungle Brothers-Straight Out The Jungle
35 De La Soul feat. Jeff-Macdaddy On The Left
36 DJ Skipmode & The Illvibe Collective-Skit 5


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6 Responses to “DJ Skipmode & The Illvibe Collective “The Best Of The Native Tongues Mixtape v1””

  1. Cenzi Stiles says:

    it starts with too much focus on the Native Tongues House Era…

  2. Kool Max Power says:

    yeah, stenzi stiles is right, i'd be happy without 'monie in the middle' and 'dance for me', but all in all this is a great mix. i always used to love mixtapes with a concept and a skilled dj behind the turntables. props to dirt dog, skipmode & illvibe collective!

  3. Kool Max Power says:

    oh man, when i first listened to this mix i must have been in the toilet during shitty tracks 7 to 9 – that's some annoying house shit i don't need when i wanna listen to a native tongues mix. plus what's the story behind lons and common being affiliated to the nt movement? nevertheless this mix is nice!

  4. Leaky Leak says:

    "What's the story behind LONS & Common being affiliated to the NT movement?"

    They rapped with them.

  5. Anonymous says:

    illvibe son! all day! real dj's and classic mix!!!

  6. Music Lover says:

    I feel like all the eras of the Native Tongues were covered perfectly. Those queen latifah joints were club classics and often get overlooked when most people talk about this crew. Also Common and LONS were affiliated. Makes sense to me.

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