De La Soul – Stakes Is High Era Rarities (1996-1998) *Updated 6/22/17

As far as I’m concerned, 1996-1998 is the best era for De La non-album cuts. There are upwards of 20 tracks on this two volume set that I thoroughly enjoy. My favorites include the Jay Dee and UK remixes for “Stakes Is High”, the Native Tongue posse cut “How Ya Want It We Got It”, the remixes for “The Bizness” and “The Love Song”, the Rob-O track “Stay Away”, and their collaboration with DJ Honda on “Trouble In The Water”.

De La Soul – Stakes Is High Era Rarities Volume 1
1. Stakes Is High (Jay Dee Remix)
2. Stakes Is High (UK Remix)
3. Stakes Is High (Spinna Remix)
4. Stakes Is High (MF Doom Blend)
5. Stakes Is High (Soulman Remix)
6. Stakes Is High (Alternate Jay Dee Remix)
7. Stakes Is High (9th Wonder Remix)
8. Itzsoweezee (Remix)
9. Itzsoweezee (Spinbad Blend)
10. The Bizness w/ Common Sense (Remix)
11. The Love Song w/ The Bush Babees (Remix)
12. How Ya Want It We Got It w/ JBs & ATCQ (Remix)
13. I Can’t Call It
14. Tim Westwood Freestyle w/ Nas (1996)
DOWNLOAD  –re-upped 6/22/17

De La Soul – Stakes Is High Era Rarities Volume 2
1. Lyricist Lounge Intro
2. Trouble In The Water
3. Stay Away w/ Rob-O
4. The Hustle
5. Gettin’ Down At The Amphitheater w/ Common Sense
6. More Than You Know w/ Prince Paul & Juggaknots
7. The Projects w/ Del
8. Chanel No. Fever
9. B-Side To Hollywood w/ Camp Lo
10. Hey DJ w/ Malcolm McLaren
11. 4 More (Juno Clean Remix)
12. Do Fries Go With That Shake
13. Sweet Dreams
14. 360 Degrees w/ Propellerheads
15. Pass It On w/ 3 Steps From Nowhere (Remix)
DOWNLOAD  –re-upped 6/22/17

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7 Responses to “De La Soul – Stakes Is High Era Rarities (1996-1998) *Updated 6/22/17”

  1. gforce414 says:

    good look on this – thanks!

  2. verge says:

    re up mcgee out this piece tonight

  3. Prof D says:

    Big-ups for posting all this great stuff.

    Volume 2 for Stakes Is High Era Rarities has the wrong link. It is currently for De La Soul Era Rarities Vol. 2 instead.

    Thanks in advance!

  4. bc says:

    could you please re-up part 2 ? its not the right folder who is downloaded, its e La Soul Era Rarities Vol. 2.

  5. inst says:

    Part 2 is the wrong shit, it’s the De La Soul Is Dead Era Rarities…

  6. DJ Filthy Rich says:

    The 2nd link is for the De La Soul Is Dead Era rarities, not the Stakes Is High era. Can someone please re-up? Don’t know how I missed this the first time around….

  7. MadSpecialist says:

    Thanks for resharing, I haven’t heard Stakes Is High yet but look forward to listening to these compilations in addition to the album once I do.

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