Touring The States: Fort Worth, TX

If you remember, in February we dropped compilation for you, called Houston, TX obscurities.
Now, we are going farther north, to the city of Fort Worth.
I haven’t found any info about The Chopp M.C. himself. Maybe some TX heads who follow this series will come through with some info.
One thing is certain, this album is smooth. Lyrics are gangster, but beats are real g-funky, especially in a comparison with beats from other Texas artists from that period. Of course there are few tracks with rougher beats, similar to other Touring The States posts. My favorite tracks on this release are tracks no. 2 and 7. Check it out for yourself.

The Chopp M.C.
Charging It To Tha Game (1995)

01. Intro
02. Backstabbers

03. Charge It To Da Game
04. Rip ‘N’ Shop
05. Knowledge

06. Sheila

07. Black Attracts Tha Heat
08. Tha Real
09. B’s & Hoes

10. Do It Like U Used To It

11. 99 Flavors

12. Black Heat II

13. Outro



— Markshot

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