Simple E – Colouz Uv Sound (CD 1994)

Simple E, a female emcee, is mainly known for the classic hit “Play My Funk” released on the Sugar Hill Soundtrack in 1993. She then followed with a full length release titled “Colouz Uv Sound” in 1994. The album had one guess appearance from Bay Area legend Spice 1. One thing that people might not be aware is that the album featured two productions from Mista Lawnge of Black Sheep and Ali Shaheed Muhammad of A Tribe Called Quest. Since it is Native Tongues Month, I was pretty sure that a lot of people would be interested in those obscure productions. The rest of the album features jazz influenced beats. Simple E’s flow is reminiscent of Missy Elliot. I’m not really sure where Simple E is from but her fan club is located in New Jersey. She is definitely from the East Coast. Enjoy,

1. Kum Follow Me
2. Day Ain’t Reade
3. De Abyss
4. East Coast/West Coast (Feat. Spice 1)
5. Rant & Rave (Producer – Mista Lawnge)
6. Soul Searchin’
7. Kinke Reggae
8. Neck Work (Producer – Ali Shaheed Muhammad)
9. Paradigmz
10. Blue Jeans
11. An Innocent Rage
12. Realite
13. Play My Funk


— Thomas V

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