Tribe Vibes: Volume One

A1. Jagger The Dagger (Push It Along)
A2. Loran’s Dance (Push It Along)
A3. I’m Gonna Love You (Push It Along)
A4. Fourty Days (Luck of Lucien)
A5. Think Twice (Footprints)
A6. Funky (I Left My Wallet In El Segundo)
A7. Memory Lane (Bonita Applebaum)
A8. Daylight (Bonita Applebaum)
A9. Fool Yourself (Bonita Applebaum drums)

B1. Walk On The Wild Side (Can I Kick It)
B2. Spinning Wheel (Can I Kick It drums)
B3. Inner City Blues (Youthful Expressions)
B4. Electric Frog (Mr. Muhammad)
B5. A Chant For Bu (Excursions)
B6. S.O.B. Drums (Excursions drums)
B7. Young And Fine (Butter)
B8. Gentle Smiles (Butter)
B9. I Like Everything About You (Butter drums)

C1. Down Here On The Ground (Vibes and Stuff)
C2. Is It Him or Me (The Infamous Date Rape drums)
C3. Baby This Love I Have (Check The Rhyme)
C4. Ain’t No Sunshine (Everything Is Fair drums)
C5. Green Dolphin Street (We Got The Jazz)
C6. Uncle Willie’s Dream (What)
C7. Oblighetto (Scenario)
C8. Little Miss Lover (Scenario drums)

D1. Mystic Brew (Electric Relaxation)
D2. Inside Love (Electric Relaxation)
D3. Absolutions (Oh My God)
D4. Why Can’t People Be Colors Too (Oh My God drums)
D5. Martins Funeral (We Can Get Down)
D6. Outside Love (Electric Relaxation drums)
D8. Ekim (Steve Biko)
D9. Dirty Old Bossa Nova (Jam)

I was originally going to give yall two volumes of these Tribe Vibes at a time, but they’re just too damn great. I don’t want them to get lost in the infinite sauce of T.R.O.Y. downloads that are clogging up your hd’s. These really deserve thorough listens, especially this one. Just picking out samples that other people used since is enough to keep you busy for a while. And if you need an intro into funk laced soul and jazz music, this is a great start.

If you’re not familiar with Jagger The Dagger by Eugene McDaniels, you’ll immediately recognize it as being sampled a number of times for some other pretty notable rap joints. I bugged when I first heard this song and it remains one of my favorite funk tracks of all time. The shit is just straight rugged and evil sounding. Like many other originals, I heard this one after hearing the hip hop usage and couldn’t believe just how great it was. Which leads me to this –

What gets you more hype when hearing samples?
Actually knowing what was sampled as soon as you hear the hip hop track?
Or finding the sample after hearing the hip hop track?

For me, it’s probably a little bit of both. On one hand, I feel like I know my shit when I know the original first. But sometimes it takes away from the freshness if you already heard the sample. There’s even times I feel that the original was so good it shouldn’t have been touched at all.
On the other side, there’s a certain rush I get when I stumble on an ill sample that I never knew about. Especially if it’s off a real tough record or somewhere nobody would have thought it was on.
If you have a preference, hit up the comments.

Thanks to HHIR for the full versions of Absolutions, Outside Love, and Ekim.

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7 Responses to “Tribe Vibes: Volume One”

  1. Cenzi Stiles says:

    I gotta admit, I kin dof feel bad when I get spoon fed in this way. I actually prefer to find the samples myself when I bump into them… but hey, who says no to peeled grapes?

  2. Anonymous says:

    thanks, one of my favorite comps from the late 90's

  3. deezlee says:

    this blog is the greatest thing on the planet earth.

    oh, and i kinda feel bad being spoonfed too…

    not that bad, though. 🙂

  4. ayentee says:

    without a doubt i love finding a sample after its been sampled rather then already knowing the sample. Like you said, knowing the sample takes the freshness away. "knowing my shit" as you say takes away from the magic of hip hop in my opinion.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi to ivribody 😉 I'd like to say that HH ol'school has shown me the way to so many soul jazz or funk nuggets that it changed definitively my life since I'm 15 years. It educated my ears literraly so thanks to the producers of that shit and thank you very much for this wonderful blog Mr Verge. See ya
    Davy from Marseille, France

  6. JB's says:

    little of both, i pride myself on hearing a break a filing through my head, an figuring out who used it.. which, is allot of music and allot of sorting going on..and im stoned allot soo yea,, the wonders of selective memory..

    And the that Eugene Mcdaniels album is probaly in my top 3 all time, i searched out the rest of his albums years ago, which gradually get not as cool, oh well , outlaw has some joints on it though,,
    thanks for this blog!

  7. verge says:

    ^No prob, fellas. Yeah, 'Headless Heroes…' is absolutely his masterpiece for the kind of funk that I'm into. Shit, I even dig that 'Supermarket Blues' cut on there.

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