Touring The States: Milwaukee, WI

Timothy R. Stotts “Black Beauty, Anthony L. Fowler “Cocaine” and Chris Toliver “No Shame” forming this fat group which coming out of M-Town.
Conceptually, first half of the album is kinda smoother with mercurial g-funk sound. Second half brings more tougher and more gangster beats. Last track will remind you for sure on The 2 Live Crew style. Download it and see it yourself, love it or hate it, this album will not bore you, if you are liking g-funk sounds.

Fat 4 Ever
Black Cocaine W/ No Shame (1995)

01. Intro
02. 95 Show
03. Keep My Name Out Of Yo Mouth
04. Excercising My P Thang
05. The M Town
06. Fat 4 Ever
07. Pay It – You Won’t Owe It
08. Str8 P No Mix
09. Pimpin’ N. 96
10. Release From Incarceration
11. Late Night Hype
12. Stickin Dick
13. Stuffin Body Bags
14. Back In Miami, Blk Booty Jam



— Markshot

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4 Responses to “Touring The States: Milwaukee, WI”

  1. Beneficial says:

    did you know young kyoz was from milwaukee? i am in WI. thanks for showin love!

  2. T.R.O.Y. says:


    No i didn't, i know only Young Twan, you heard of him?


  3. Beneficial says:

    no, ill have to check him…did you know coo coo cal is a crack head? haha my guy knows him wsell..crack = no more rap career

  4. T.R.O.Y. says:

    lol, no i didn't know that, i only know that coo coo cal's album is not so good..

    check that young twan but on your own responsibility 😀


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