DJ Mister Cee “The Best Of Jay-Z”

Here it is, the final installment of the DJ Mister Cee “Best Of” mixtape series. Although Jigga-Man is not one of my favorite artists, I thought it was very important to present the entire library. My review wasn’t going so well, but I think turntablelab says it best in the following two blurbs:

“Mister Cee goes in hard (Aquaman style!) for this comprehensive and really fascinating career-spanning Jigga collection. Starting way back with the Big Jaz collabs and freestyles, Cee forgoes chronological worries and moves in for the kill, dropping track after track of classic Jigga, from “Hawaiin Sophie”(!) to “Hard Knock Life.” Even the most studious of Jay fans will find new shit on this one: rare early tracks, remixes and unreleased freestyles from Cee’s vault all surface here. You know this shit is made by an insider when there are tracks with titles like “Freestyle – Live at Big Daddy Kane’s Movie Release Party at The Ritz (1993).” Considering the age of some of these, this sound quality on this mix is pretty incredible. 36 tracks total. Recommended.”

01 Jay-Z-Freestyle Live At Big Daddy Kane’s Album Release Party 1991
02 Big Jaz-Hawaiian Sophie feat. Jay-Z
03 Big Jaz-The Originators feat. Jay-Z
04 Jay-Z-Nigga What Nigga Who (Originator 99) feat. Big Jaz & Amil
05 Big Jaz-It’s That Simple feat. Jay-Z
06 Rude Boys-My Kinda Girl (Remix) feat. Jay-Z
07 Glenn Jones-Good Thang feat. Jay-Z
08 Hi 5 Ski-She’s Playing Hard To Get (Remix) feat. Jay-Z
09 Original Flavor-Can I Get Open feat. Jay-Z
10 Original Flavor-Many Styles feat. Jay-Z
11 Jay-Z-Freestyle Live At Big Daddy Kane’s Movie Release Party 1993
12 Big Daddy Kane-Show Prove feat. Big Scoob, Sauce Money, Jay-Z, Shyheim & Ol’ Dirty Bastard
13 Jay-Z-In My Life Time (Original)
14 Jay-Z-In My Lifetime (Remix)
15 Jay-Z-I Can’t Get Wid Dat feat. Big Jaz & Sauce Money
16 Jay-Z-Dead Presidents Parts 1 & 2
17 Jay-Z-Ain’t No Nigga feat. Foxy Brown
18 Jay-Z-Can’t Knock The Hustle (Original & Remix) feat. Mary J. Blige & Melisa Morgan
19 Lil’ Kim-Big Momma Thang feat. Jay-Z & Lil’ Cease
20 Foxy Brown-I’ll Be feat. Jay-Z
21 Jay-Z-Friend Or Foe ’96
22 Jay-Z-Friend Or Foe ’98
23 Jay-Z-Brooklyn’s Finest feat. Biggie Smalls
24 Jay-Z-Love Is Love (Unreleased)
25 SWV-You’re The One (Remix) feat. Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, Mr. Cheeks, Trigga The Gambler & Smoothe The Hustler
26 Shai-I Dont Wanna Be Alone (Remix) feat. Jay-Z
27 Horace Brown-Things We Do For Love (Remix) feat. Jay-Z
28 The Braxtons-So Many Ways (Remix) feat. Jay-Z
29 Jay-Z-Foundation feat. Big Jaz & Sauce Money (Original & Remix)
30 Shaquille O’Neal-No Love Lost feat. Lord Tariq & Jay-Z
31 The Ranjahz-Kill 2 Live feat. Jay-Z
32 Tone Hooker-Crew Love 97 feat. O.C & Jay-Z
33 Memphis Bleek & Beanie Sigel-Crew Love 98 feat. Jay-Z
34 Jay-Z-You’re Only A Customer
35 Jay-Z-Funkmaster Flex Freestyle

36 Biggie Smalls-I Love The Dough feat. Jay-Z & Angela Winbush

“Part 2 of Go-In Brother #1’s Jigga retrospective focuses mainly on collaborations and the Roc-A-Fella era. Impossibly rare, hard-to-find and flat out unreleased tracks make their way into Mr. Cee’s crate – check young Shawn Carter’s “St. Ides Commercial,” or “Roc-A-Fella Shit,” which features the entire original Roc lineup (Jaz, Sauce, Bleek, Ranjahz, Diamonds, what!). Other highlights are “Young G’s” with Biggie and Puff, and the unreleased solo joint “People’s Court.” Mister Cee has done the rap world a nice service by unleashing this shit. 25 tracks total.”

01 Jay-Z-Hard Knock Life
02 Jay-Z-Can I Get A…
03 Jay-Z-Money Cash Hoes feat. DMX
04 Jay-Z-It’s Like That feat. Kid Capri
05 Jay-Z-Can I Live 99 feat. Memphis Bleek
06 Jay-Z-Paper Chase feat. Foxy Brown
07 Jay-Z-Peoples Court (Unreleased)
08 Jay-Z-Reservoir Dogs feat. The Lox Beanie Sigel & Sauce Money
09 Timbaland-Lobster & Scrimp feat. Jay-Z
10 Jay-Z-If I Should Die feat. The Ranjahz
11 Jay-Z-Ride Or Die
12 Jay-Z-Roc-A-Fella Shit feat. Team Roc (Unreleased)
13 Puff Daddy-Young Gs feat. Biggie Smalls & Jay-Z
14 Mase-Cheat On You feat. Lil’ Cease & Jay-Z
15 Jay-Z-Pre Game Skit feat. Sauce Money (Unreleased)
16 Christion-Bring Back Your Love (Remix) feat. Jay-Z
17 Rell-Love For Free feat. Jay-Z
18 Jay-Z-St. Ides Commercial
19 Memphis Bleek-It’s Alright feat. feat. Jay-Z
20 Jay-Z-Murdergram feat. Ja Rule & DMX
21 Jay-Z-Celebration feat. Team Roc
22 Jay-Z-What The Game Made Me feat. Memphis Bleek & Sauce Money
23 Jay-Z-Marcy To Hollywood feat. Memphis Bleek & Sauce Money
24 M.O.P.-4 Alarm Blaze feat. Jay-Z & Teflon
25 Jon B-Keep It Real feat. Coko & Jay-Z


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