J-Treds – Freestyle Spotlight

I’ve always thought of J-Treds as one of the most underrated MCs from the late 90s NY hip hop scene. Not only did he rip shit on his solo releases and all of the Indelibles tracks, but he also blessed a good number of radio shows and mixtape DJs with top notch pre-written, improvisational freestyles.

I’ve assembled nine of his dopest radio show/mixtape appearances from the late 90s/early 00s. If you have a freestyle that isn’t listed here, please hit us up in the comments section. Also, if anyone has a picture of him, post a link. I have absolutely no idea what dude looks like, even though I probably have just about everything in his known discography.

First up, a 15 minute Night Train freestyle session. J simply murders this shit:

Night Train Freestyle Session


Next, a 7 minute freestyle session with the Juggaknots:

Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle Session


Some more Stretch & Bobbito segments:

J-Treds & Company Flow – Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle #1 (5 Minutes)


J-Treds & Company Flow – Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle #2


J-Treds – Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle


Here’s some miscellaneous shit that came from freestyle sessions. I isolated the J-Treds segments.

Eddie Ill & DL Freestyle #1


Eddie Ill & DL Freestyle #2


Lyricist Lounge Freestyle


Unknown & Mek Freestyle


–Roy Johnson

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12 Responses to “J-Treds – Freestyle Spotlight”

  1. Anonymous says:

    dope, any chance that you could up all of these in one zip?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very nice, J-Treds is one of my favorite "most people never heard of" Emcees, loved the output from them days…Breezly Brewin & them…awww man. Good lookin, PEACE

  3. TheGiant says:

    " Also, if anyone has a picture of him, post a link. I have absolutely no idea what dude looks like,"

    What a faggot wanting a pic of another man. On my blog we don't play that funny stuff

  4. Roy Johnson says:

    Giant – you really seem to have a good head on your shoulders.

  5. Habeas Corpus says:

    whats up with some of his singles and real songs????

  6. Vega says:

    I know he was on JMT VBD album, he's also on this 60 minute freestyle session from CM Famalam with Mr.Lif, Cannibal Ox, Yakballz, Alaskaa, J-Toro, J-Treds, Juggaknots, What What(jean grae), Lyric(bad girls club), El-P, Murs and more i forget all the names… I thought Treds had another verse on this you didnt include still one of the nicest sessions i've heard. here it is for those that dont got it,

    peace Vega from TheCrypt

  7. Roy Johnson says:

    Thanks, Vega! Come to think of it, I actually got that 60 minute freestyle session on disc somewhere. My memory is not what it used to be.

  8. zk says:

    i think the "s&b freestyle #2" with co flow is from that 60min CM Famalam cipher. here's one i don't see…


  9. Roy Johnson says:

    ZK – The zshare link that you posted is the Unknown & Mek freestyle (last one listed). I isolated the J-Treds portion.

  10. Anonymous says:

    J-treds spotlight and Weak Minds with Hi-tech is nowhere to be seen. Not to mention that joint has one of the craziest beats ever produced.

  11. verge says:

    ^Well, this is a spotlite on his Freestyle sessions. Not on his songs or guest verses. Stay up though, I'm sure you'll see that here one day.

    I agree on the dopeness of 'Weak Minds'. Shit, all of those Mass Vinyl releases were craaaazy ill. Shame I can't find any copies for less than an arm and a left pinky nowadays, though.

  12. Roy Johnson says:


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