Black Sheep: Wool Quality

Andres “Dres” Titus and William “Mista Lawnge” McLean, hailing out of Queens, are better known as Black Sheep. They debuted in 1991 with their nationwide hit single “Flavor Of The Month”. That single was followed by their first album, “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing“. Six months after the release, album was certified Gold by RIAA the on April 3, 1992. Their second release, “Non-Fiction” from 1994, wasn’t so much successfull according to some reviews and comments, but i can say i’m enjoying that album as much as the first one. Soon after their second album, Dres and Mista Lawnge got separated and eventually left the label.
We here at TROY, decided to cover all of Black Sheep’s vinyl singles with couple of cd singles, since we’ve made an assumption that y’all already have their first two albums, but you might’ve missing singles.
Y’all will enjoy this, for sure.

Flavor Of The Month (1991)

A1 Flavor Of The Month
A2 Flavor Of The Month (Instrumental)
B1 Butt… In The Meantime
B2 Butt… In The Meantime (The Nostrand Ave Rastafarian Mix)


The Choice Is Yours (1991)

A1 The Choice Is Yours (Revisited)
A2 The Choice Is Yours
B1 Have U.N.E. Pull (Remix)
B2 Yes


Black Sheep – The Choice Is Yours

Try Counting Sheep (UK, 1991)

01. Try Counting Sheep (Caveman Funky Organ 7″)
02. Try Counting Sheep (Caveman Funky Organ Instrumental)

03. Try Counting Sheep (Original Sheep LP Mix)

04. The Choice Is Yours (Revisited)


Similak Child (1992)

A1 Similak Child (Homogenized Mix)
A2 Similak Child (Extended Homogenized Mix)
B1 Still In The Ghetto
B2 Similak Child


Black Sheep – Similak Child

Strobelite Honey (1992)

A1 Strobelite Honey (No We Didn’t Mix)
A2 Strobelite Honey (Maybe We Did Mix)
B1 Strobelite Honey (Yes We Did Mix)
B2 Gimme The Finga (Remix)

01. Strobelite Honey (Street Mix)
02. Strobelite Honey (Radio Mix)
03. Strobelite Honey (Hot Mix)

Vinyl Single Download
CD Single Download

*CD single is ripped exclusively by dirt_dog

Without A Doubt (1994)

A1 Without A Doubt (Salaam’s Mix Edit)
A2 Without A Doubt
B1 Without A Doubt (Salaam’s Instrumental)
B2 We Boys

Without A Doubt (UK, 1994)

A1 Without A Doubt (Block Party Remix)
A2 Without A Doubt (Elm Street Remix)
A3 Without A Doubt (Block Party Instrumental)
B1 Without A Doubt (Salaam’s Mix)
B2 Without A Doubt (Lawnge’s Mix)
B3 Without A Doubt (Elm Street Instrumental)


North South East West (1995)

A1 North South East West (Remix Clean Radio Edit)
A2 North South East West (Remix Instrumental)
A3 North South East West
B1 North South East West (Remix)
B2 H.A.A. (Here’s Another Asshole)
B3 Only If You’re Live (Clean Version)

One interesting interview and few live acts at Yo! MTV Raps.

D-Nice Presents: True Hip-Hop Stories – Black Sheep

Black Sheep – Similak Child Live @Yo! MTV Raps 1992

Black Sheep – The Choice Is Yours Live @Yo! MTV Raps 1992

Black Sheep – State Of Yo Live @Yo! MTV Raps 1992

— Markshot

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12 Responses to “Black Sheep: Wool Quality”

  1. vincentlopez says:

    Thanks again. I didn't have that 'Try counting Sheep' single.

  2. The Big Sleep says:

    Got another video for you guys if ya want it.

    Showbiz & A.G. – Bounce Ta This ft. Dres from Black Sheep [Live on In Living Color: Season Four, Episode Twenty Eight – May 2nd, 1993]

    http://sharebee.com/7a0e7074 (down on RapidShare and zShare)

  3. T.R.O.Y. says:

    Thanks Vincent.
    Hope you'll enjoy.

    Thanks The Big Sleep,
    for uploading that video in high quality.
    We left that video on purpose, for the forthcoming post.
    Definitely we'll use your link.


  4. Cenzi Stiles says:

    so, THAT's where H.A.A. appeared. That is the most vicious diss record ever. The only reason No Vaseline beats it, is because Cube goes against four ex-friends and HAA goes hard against Hammer, which was an easy target, but damn its cold!

  5. verge says:

    Awesome post. I remember the first time I saw the 'Flavor Of The Month' video. Pretty sure it was 8th grade, I was at my boy's house(same place I heard the 'Step In The Arena' album)and that video came on. I thought that shit was so fuckin' ill.
    I remember being amazed that these cats had real sheep and their own ice cream truck in the video.
    I thought that was the shit. Still do, fuck it, that shit bangs. Think I'ma burn this on a quick CD for the whip for this weekend. Thanks.

  6. DirtyJerz says:

    Yo I Hit Dres up on Twitter about your drop! Nice work, B!


  7. Anonymous says:

    Awesome post, as usual. I love that first album as much now as I did when I dubbed it on a sweet Maxell cassette in '92.
    Question: why are those single versions so different from the albums? Was this a sample clearance issue? Did they just want to remix them? I would love to hear the stories on why that happened (Similak Child, Strobelite Honey, etc.), some industry history, you know.

  8. Cenzi Stiles says:

    I have had this crazy ass version of Choice is Yours for quite a long time and I don't know if it's any of these albums, I didnt find it… but I gotta share it.


  9. T.R.O.Y. says:

    @DirtyJerz- Thanks alot for that, man. That's a serious good look. It's always satisfying when someone that was posted about here, takes notice.

    @Cenzi Stiles- Thanks for that mix. I can't say I recall it at all.


  10. Boothe says:

    Still In The Ghetto = one of the best b-sides ever.

    Dres, destroyed that track.

  11. Shaun D. aka Wicked says:

    Hey Cenzi Stiles, that version of 'The Choice Is Yours' is the Wicked Mix version. Wicked Mix is a vinyl & cd remix series based here in the Bay Area. Pretty much it's a couple of DJ's who take the popular songs and remix them to fit Club and Party Mixshow formats. This series was very popular in the 90's… there was like 5 or 6 songs per vinyl and they were released every month or so.


  12. Roy Johnson says:

    Thanks for the Black Sheep mix, Cenzi. I can't say that I'm feeling the breakdown in between 2:40 and 3:15, but otherwise, it's a pretty solid mix.

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