The Kartel – Players Only Live Once (Philadelphia 1997)

Here it is, in response to popular demand. Today I’m bringing you a flawless album by ‘The Kartel’ out of Philadelphia. This is one of my all time favorite east coast groups. Sometimes when I am using tracks from albums for regional compilations like my New Jersey series, I tend to listen to the full album less after awhile. This generally occurs for a variety of reasons. However in the case of The Kartel, it’s not for lack of continuity. This album is well done from start to finish. What you’ll find is tight vocal skills and chemistry with clean production. It’s the type of mid 90’s east coast hip hop that has us all coming back for more, over a decade later. My own favorite tracks are probably, well 1-13. I hope you dig this classic Philly release as much as I do.


01 1:00 Intro
02 3:00 Verbal Animosity
03 4:04 Money Talks
04 1:09 Interlude
05 3:31 Quadruple
06 3:20 Monopoly
07 2:59 Nothing But Timberlands
08 2:23 The Prophet
09 4:12 NFC
10 3:50 The Game Of Life
11 3:37 Reprcussions
12 0:36 Players Only Live Once
13 4:17 Bonus Track

Production was done by ‘Groove Da Moast’. They recorded at Rhythm Central Studio in Philadelphia. I do not know if the album came out on wax as well, but the cd was released in 1997.


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