Exclusive Interview with Guru (Gang Starr) and Solar

Exclusive Interview with Guru (Gang Starr) and Solar

As you can imagine, I was ecstatic just to interview Guru, who I feel is one of the the most prominent emcees of our time. We’re talking about a person who was apart of one of the most influential hip-hop groups ever.

Now I’ve done interviews with Ghostface Killah, AZ, Cormega, Kurupt and Ras Kass just to name a few, and never have I balked at asking a question. I do these interviews as a fan not a journalist.  Besides, I’m not journalist.

Prior to this interview I was informed that Solar would be accompanying Guru on the phone. I had no problem with this, but I was not prepared being that I was under the impression it was just Guru. Not to mention, I knew very little about Solar and didn’t have ample time to study his work or create some questions for him.

I was also informed that Guru requests no questions about Gang Starr or DJ Premier. Well, when I heard that I thought how am I going to do this interview without bringing up the past? Without a past there is no present. There is no Guru 8.0, there is no fans buying the album or attending their shows. How could you have an interview with Guru and completely ignore the past?

Every Paul McCartney interview you can hear John Lennon always being brought up. Every Scottie Pippen interview you hear Michael Jordan. You don’t think C.L. Smooth gets asked about Pete Rock all the time? The shit goes with the territory and as an artist you have to understand that. We’re not talking about an intimate relationship about an ex-wife, this is about a very public and professional relationship that was in our faces, in our tape decks, in our magazines and on our radios for 20+ years. You cannot dismiss that.

Now I understand both their positions about wanting to move forward, but as fans and long time supporters we should be entitled to know what happened– right? How come Guru won’t work with DJ Premier? How come there is no more Gang Starr Foundation? What happened to his childhood friend Big Shug who he no longer friendly with? Why has Guru chosen to work exclusively with Solar?

These are very legitimate questions with absolutely no maliciousness behind them. This isn’t about “hating” on their future, this isn’t about not supporting Guru and Solar, this is about how did we get to where we are today? Prior to doing this interview I read up on some recent Guru and Solar interviews and even saw a clip and it was no secret that when the mention of Gang Starr or Premier happens the interview takes a sharp turn. I didn’t want any knee-jerk reactions and I definitely didn’t want to agitate either of them, but still I wanted to get my questions in somehow because I felt we deserved some answers.

As loyal and longtime fans, we are the shareholders of their stock. Without us there is no Gang Starr, no Guru, no Solar. That’s not to say we are owed an answer to everything but when it becomes public you can’t expect the very people who run out the Tuesday to cop your album to simply forget past. My biggest concern with this interview was making it an informative one. I may have failed or succeeded in some eyes but I gave it my best and now you can make the call yourself. Apologizes in advance as you can imagine how hard it is to conduct an interview over the phone, much less with two people answering at will.

Philaflava Interview w/Guru & Solar – Part 1

Philaflava Interview w/Guru & Solar – Part 2


Click here to download the new REMASTERED FULL INTERVIEW (40 minutes)

All in good fun…


Check out the interview in its entirety and make sure you leave your comments and question for both for both Guru and Solar.

And if you’ve been living under a rock, you missed one of the the most in-depth Gang Starr celebrations ever on the blogosphere. Catch up here – Gang Starr month from April.

Check out Guru & Solar at www.guru7grand.net


Jason Gloss

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61 Responses to “Exclusive Interview with Guru (Gang Starr) and Solar”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Word to your text! But wow, how did you made that audio so bad? Even when I try I can't make it that bad. Are you going to type it out or something because I can't understand a sentence without hurting my ears. No disrespect homie, I think the content will be very good. But if you can't hear it :(.

  2. T.R.O.Y. says:

    The audio is low. Unfortunately it wasn't the best connection and some things were out of my hands. I did the best I could.

  3. Anonymous says:

    type it out please i cant understand a word 🙁

  4. Boothe says:

    The end of part one got a little awkward.

    I was impressed with how Solar handled himself. Seems like a genuine dude.

    After hearing this interview, I'm more than convinced that people should let the Gangstarr shit go, in terms of complaints and comparisons to what Guru is working on now.

    All the classic shit is still there for us to enjoy. If you're not feeling his new shit, pay it no mind. Let the brothers do their work without the grief.

  5. Gloss says:

    RE: typing it out.

    That will happen but not today or even in a few days. It takes a lot of time to do that so if you rather not wait and can listen to it, then please do so. I'd really not as bad as you're making it. Download the MP3 and turn up the volume or simply tweak it with your current media software.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It's been stated, but the audio is hard to listen to. Thanks for the interview its appreciated, but ill probly be waitin on that text.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Okay, I only listened to the first half so far but I welcome opposition to come wit it and look stupid anyways. Im going back for the rest so this may be a harsh judgement but spontaneously I had the heart to type and I felt I had to drop this….Seems like they are on some desperate drug buddy shit sharing a crack habit or something. Perhaps they share abstinence haha. NUmber one jazz hip hop act, number one jazz hip hop act….gimic? Something rubs me the wrong way about this situation and not saying that because I dislike Guru outside of Gangstarr. Can you say crossover? Ill be surprised if they create any classic tracks (let alone albums) and don't come off shit-experimental. Bet their album is garbage just like most of what Guru has done outside of Gangstarr except for perhaps Jazzmatazz 1 & 2 (and saying Jazzmatazz is great is actually pushing it). I know Im not the only one who thinks this because that is simply an automatic impression without thinking through what the big wigs on TROY will say and influence the TROY dick riders to say. If they are truly here to save the day then fuck Jeezy and SOulja Boy and all them. Scary mfas. Too bad lazy heads let this shit get out of their hands and they are subject to it now. Ownerz 4 years late? I can't wait to hear this mediocre effort because I havn't heard anything yet. Gym Class Heros and Platinum like a crack stain on the lips. Yeah Shug ain't all that but be a man and don't ride off Gangstarr success saying that there can be no Gangstarr/Premo questions. Obviously not wanting to create word of a Guru-Premo beef but it's obvious that is the case besides Guru being a brat. This sheds a little light on why all the american kids ain't with "hiphop" nowadays besides that they enjoy a cheap 16th's high hat, a cheap swagger and repetitive basslines as opposed to the loop and basic hard treble clap we are familiar with. Maceo1ne Oh, apologies if it does turn out nice.

  8. Anonymous says:

    That dude Solar must have some compromising pictures of Guru. There ain't no way anyone believes this dude is that nice of a producer, not even Guru.

  9. Cenzi Stiles says:

    I think that Guru and Solar are on some homo shit. thats the ONLY explanation I got for this big joke.

  10. verge says:

    The audio ain't THAT bad.
    Maceo1ne, nobody at TROY has cosigned anything stated by Guru or Solar in the interview. It was an interview.
    Anyway, I've always been the one who would defend Guru when people would say that he wasn't that great and that Primo made Gangstarr.
    I think I'm done doing that.
    I gotta say wow to to Guru downplaying Preem as,"just this guy who samples," while continuing to call Solar a SUPER producer.
    Best of the luck to them, though. But I won't be copping anything they do unless it's a lot better than it's been.
    Great job on the interview.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Word Verge I know, I was only saying that people might not like my comment (also stating no disrespect to Guru, it just seems fishy) and that aside from the usual consensus when it comes to disagreements or favoritism in the forum etc. I was just throwing my opinion out there head first regardless of the static I may catch…..Im not that cocky. Shit, weve chatted before…Besides, I still haven't had the time to check part 2, doing that now. Maceo1ne

  12. Brandan E. says:

    I got much love for Primo, im from Houston and he is as well so that love will always be there! But how can Guru just mess all this shit up? i dont understand. i be listenin to Primo's show on Sirius with Big Shug co-hosting and everytime somebody brings up the Gurun situation they address it and they say its all on him not them. And i believe them cause Primo dont fake the funk at all, he tells u whats up. So im with Primo, and Guru is kiddin himself thinkin that without Primo he doin all right. Yeah right.

  13. Casey says:

    Its cause Guru and Solar are fucking each other and the rest of the homies obviously aint down with that faggot shit.

    For real, Guru starts boning this dude, music gets made, he comes out the closet, Primo and Co. are like PEACE!!!

  14. Gloss says:

    Just so everyone knows nobody at TROY co-signs what they believe in. I did this interview because I've been a fan of Guru forever. I can't say I agree with him on a lot of the issues and it does sadden me how he referes to Preem but it is what it is.

  15. AkeeleeNorfCack says:

    I have nothing but the utmost respect for Guru as a legend but real talk, that shit he does with Solar is WACK. As with most of my favorite groups from the 90s I can only pray that they one day patch it up but until then I'll just have to be cool with the body of work they've blessed up with. I've read several other interviews from Guru and Solar before and something just ain't right about this situation. The truth will always come to light though…

  16. Anonymous says:

    Cmon how can you hate Guru but love GangStarr. Guru discovered Premier! You cats obviously work for Premo. You ain't fooling no one but yourselves. That shit is disgusting. The truth will come out eventually….E.Press

  17. Anonymous says:

    Guru took a huge L for this. Hopefully he has a change of heart and decides to regroup with Primo. Then he can get back to making beautiful music.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Both Guru and Solar explain intelligently where they are at. You can't hTE on Solar, he is mad nice. The new album is bangin! That's the God, far from any homo shit! Now Preemo, ever seen him with any chicks?….hmmmm. It's always the ones pointing the finger who are really getting down like that…That's probably why Guru stepped!……E.Press

  19. Anonymous says:

    Is E.Press Solar?

  20. Anonymous says:

    "That's the God"???
    E.Press is Solar. Gots to be. Yo Solar, take that wack ass shit you callin' beats back to the homo house and leave the master alone. You're ruining his career and whispering lies in his ear. Or sweet nothings. Not sure which.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Preemo is fag and a phony! That's why Guru doesnt say nothing. He is GangStarr. He discovered Preemo and put all those other dudes on. Those dudes are running an internet and industry campaign against him. I guess that's what Preemo is doing with all his Christina Aguliera dough. All you cat's hating I hope you're getting your checks. This is bullshit. The interview was prejudiced…That's why Guru and Solar probably don't wanna answer those questions. It's all propaganda and takes away from what they are doing. Guru is Legend and a genius. His new joint is hot! Fuck yall haters. E.Press…

  22. Anonymous says:

    Guru doesn't need Solar but Solar needs Guru. Nobody on this planet actually believes Guru is creating better work without Premier. Not Jeru, not Guru. That's the facts baby pa.

  23. Anonymous says:

    It's Preem and Shug that seem must be boning each other. It's easy for them to say it's on Guru cuz Guru obviously has risen above the bullshit and is simply making new music regardless who likes it or not. You shouldn't have even interviewed them if you were already biased.

  24. Gloss says:

    I am Jason Gloss. I conducted the interview and no where in this comment section did you see me say ANYTHING that is remotely bias. Nobody is speaking for me. Don't twist shit.

  25. Anonymous says:

    You know kids, regardless of how you feel or what excuse there is besides a good chemistry (and no matter what type it be), the album will prove so come on now….definately no homo in this situation yall are making jokes and taking it way too far on who's fags, this that and the third. Sure it is fishy but check the music and if its terrible which is likely than thats even more of a reason to not say shit and move on. Even if this stunt fails and they reunite Gangstarr wouldn't be as powerful just as any relationship that is jumbled at any point. Men move on and try different avenues….is everybody still friends with more than a couple of people that you went to junior high, high school with? Its all physics and more power to experimentation but they will get theirs if its bullshit. Guru obviously venturing and branching out but yeah, they are on some Bruce Lee shit or something who knows. Forget the faggotry. Maceo1ne

  26. Anonymous says:

    Just wondering whats this unbelievable infatuation with premier? im lost cuz i never ever hear shit about other legendary duo's that went their seperate way, Thats the real fishy part about all of this. If Guru wants to rock with a different producer then thats his perogative man. Want me to prove the bias ok – if the tables turned & preemo went & got another mc partner while guru went & made some records with christina aguilera then im 100000% sure that guru wouldve been called a sell out etc. What the fuck are all ya'll 40 yr old ex-back packers so uptight for??? you dont have to listen if you dont like it period! Btw its not like ya'll would actually reach in your pocket & buy a new gangstarr cd anyway so please ok…..im out!

  27. Cenzi Stiles says:

    wack is wack. I couldn't give a fuck less bout primo or shug when I am listening to Guru. I wanna hear his voice, his lyrics, his choice of beats and hiphop.

    what do I get? autotune BS, noring typical lyrics and delivery, and beats that can lick my ass hairs for days.

    Solar is a parasite. If Solar was to disappear, lets place bets that WHOEVER Guru was to work with, read that again, WHOEVER…. Guru's career would be on an uprise.

    Solar = Parasite

  28. Anonymous says:


  29. Anonymous says:

    When Premier was going to work with Christina Aguilera I was scared too, too hear commercial shit. But Preem is a legend, he made Christina mad dope on those beats. Guru WAS a legend, c'mon, that auto tune track is probably the end of his carreer. We saw him destroyed his legacy as a pioneer…

  30. Anonymous says:


  31. MORT says:

    The big difference between Guru and Premo is that everything Guru put out after Gangstarr broke up has been booty.

    Premo has been holdin' it down on countless releases, even the Christina A. album

  32. Anonymous says:

    i think the interviewer pressed the "you're filling shoes" and the big shug question too much.he just kept going with it,then he finally changed the subject.that's my opinion…how about that other dude who thinks everyone who has something intelligent to say is Solar.you'll find him on a lot of blogs,trying to act innocent….everyone who mentions homo shit is a latent homosexual,that much is obvious,otherwise they wouldn't be so preoccupied with the subject…. Guru ruins his legacy by using autotune???oh ok.this is just getting ridiculous.comment after comment of absurdity for some inexplicable reason…

  33. Gloss says:

    Both of those questions were legitimate. Should I just completely ignore what many of us still question? Big Shug and him started Gang Starr in Boston. Why shouldn't I ask if he is still friends with him? It lead to him saying he doesn't work with ANYONE who was apart of the Gang Starr foundation.

  34. Anonymous says:

    It's soooo obvious that this dude Preemo is waging a campaign against Guru on the net. Guru put that dude on and never hated on him when he was making moves producing other rappers and shit. I can tell yall are working for this Preemo. It's the same comments everytime Guru does something new on all the same sites. I notice because I am a real GangStarr/Guru/Jazzmatazz fan so I follow Guru's shit. I like all the shit old and new. Guru doen't speak on that negative shit because he is bigger than that and GangStarr was always about positivity not hate. Yall fuckers are fake as hell!

  35. Verge says:

    Maaaan, listen. Both sides of this argument are lacking.

    #1- Nobody here works for Primo. We do this shit for free, for the love of hip hop. And I highly doubt any of the readers commenting here work for Primo. Some of the opinions from the readers are pretty much the general consensus on Guru's latest works. Check other blogs and you will see that.
    #2- Though I have been mostly disappointed in Guru's latest efforts, I don't think he should be disrespected and called all types of homos.
    Or at least if you're gonna say things like that, do it creatively. Make us laugh. Some of the comments have been type weak with that. Which leads me to…

    #3- The guy commenting on Guru's side of the argument isn't doing that great a job himself. I will agree that, in the interview, they do intelligently present what they're doing with their music. Although I don't think many others are digging much of what they've been doing.

    In my opinion, whatever sales they are getting are from either old school heads who are just fiending for anything remotely resembling that Gangstarr feel or younger cats who don't dig the new bs and trust that the name 'Guru' and the Gangstarr affiliation will not lead them astray.

    In either case, I'm sure most are being disappointed in one way or another. I know when I copped the 'Back To The Future' mixtape, I was pretty disappointed.

    In any event, I will still check Guru's music and hope that he gets back on the right track one day. And I'll still defend the fact he was one of the greats on the Gangstarr work that he did and even with a lot of his side work and production. And I'll even say that 'Solar' isn't the wackest producer ever. Even though he says there's "no shoes to fill, Primo was just this guy who sampled", I still think he's getting most of this flack for being the only guy that 'Guru' will work with, hence trying to fill Primo's shoes(and possibly Guru's brown eye). And for not being good enough to do so. I mean, who could? He's one of the GOATest producers of all time.

  36. Rogadomis says:

    Guru's latest shit is wack,point black.Let's not sugarcoat anything.I believe Guru is"pissed"at the fact he has been overlooked as an important element in the"Gang Starr"formula.He has lyrics,the voice,and skill for days,but when"heads"think Gang Starr-WE THINK PREMIER!!! Sad but True,Guru belongs at Primo's side,Solar-IS NOT THAT DUDE!!!

  37. rogadomis says:

    I think what frustrates Guru even more,is that so many Classic Gang Starr projects have slipped below"HipHop's Radar"behind obvious garbage emcees.He made this clear in a interview w/Vibe magazine 11 years ago,he was invited to a party at(whoever was the[shit] rapper then house)and told the interviewer,"I knew I could outrap this dude,…who was living in this palace of a crib,while me and Primo shared a Brooklyn Browstone".I think this"duo"of him and Solar was done to spite Premier,and it's foolish…because it's going to ruin his legacy as one of our best emcees ever.But make no mistake…HIS LATEST EFFORTS ARE TRASSSSSSSH!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Anonymous says:

    rogadomis:"your articulations,pontifications,to us they just sound like masturbations"if you only think one or the other you ain't no "head"of anything having to do with hip hop…get out of the past talking about an 11 year old interview…Guru's latest efforts aren't trash,far from it,and you're a bald faced liar to say that.you're very confused as well…

  39. sankofa says:

    Any questions about his emaciated diet plan?

  40. Rogadomis says:

    Well,Anonymous…I'm not going your route,I'm not going to insult you(clearly for attention)pontification,masturbations-whatever,THIS IS A HIPHOP SITE!!!! And any fan dialogue,yours or mines should be welcome,my "TRASH" comment is opinion,you have yours I have mine.As far as my mention of a 11 year old article,THERE IS MUSIC featured on this site WAY OLDER than that article I mentioned,…so what's your point?
    Get out of the past?Isn't that the point of this site to highlight-overlooked,lost classic HipHop???Ha!Ha!ha!ha!ha! Somebody sounds frustrated and lost,as far as confusion,anytime you want to debate Gang starr's legacy or HipHop,I'm down.
    signed-the bald face liar

  41. Anonymous says:

    Verge says:

  42. Anonymous says:

    Guru or Superwack Solar has used his keyboard a lot in this discussion lol

  43. Cenzi Stiles says:

    for the record, from a hardcore Gangstarr fan, it was almost ALWAYS "mostly the beats".

  44. Anonymous says:

    there he is again, that dude that says everyone who says something intelligent is Solar combined with overuse of the word "wack" as his misguided version of a one two punch.you still haven't really landed with that one.you can try though,if that's all you got.it's obviously much easier and comforting for you to believe that, instead of actually responding intelligently to the points made.you didn't respond to the previous comment whatsoever.i'll bet you've gone through many computer keyboards over the years, spewing out decrepit one liners("it's true ,it's true", i'm sure you are saying to yourself,"i really have").you've definitely been typing up a storm,for what purpose i am unclear… and to this last person,you're not a fan of Hip Hop itself saying that in any truly great group with two people in it,one is better than the other;do you understand the integrity of hip hop?…at all? there is no truly great MC /DJ duo in Hip Hop where that is the case, NONE.so not only are you disqualifying yourself as a "hardcore" Gangstarr fan,but as a fan of Hip Hop as well;think about it…

  45. Anonymous says:

    Fuck all yall watered down so called hip hop fan,..If you are a trulty fan you have to have Gansgtarr as preemo and guru,..without Preemo you have nothing,…Solar is ok,.but looks more like producer for pepsi than a hip hop producer. i bought that solar and Guru cd and it was trash,..I want that REAL HIP HOP….Go get preemo make last album and leave and go marry solar,….

  46. deez says:

    Guru went on a solo mission and failed,..got bush banner of " Mission Accomplished on the ship. ..and fucking it up telling Dj premier samples,.fuck that ,..He knows what to sample and how to flip it,…not even Guru 10.0 will save you,..Just face it Hip hop wants Premier …Hip Hop is going the HAMMER Way…HAMMER TIME….

  47. Anonymous says:

    ha you are so full of it.Guru's been doing it for twenty years and is in the best shape of his life.no one has achieved what he's achieved.he's into doing what he is doing now.you can't respect that?Guru will always be real Hip Hop.you don't speak the truth.you compare the legend Guru to Hammer?i'm not knocking Hammer but that's a stretch…Guru has longevity, he continues to hold it down,but some of are you are very mixed up when it comes to Hip Hop.if you want Dj Premier,what's stopping you,he still working. but unless he and Guru both want to play together it won't happen.some of you are terribly immature about this,like children who want their parents to get back together who've split up.that's up to them ,not you.grow the hell up already and act like mature fans who have some kind of understanding of life…

  48. Anonymous says:

    correction:"…some of you are very mixed up when it comes to Hip Hop"

  49. Anonymous says:

    How much does the 7 Grand street team pay?

  50. Anonymous says:

    there you go again.what kind of geeky word is that?"street team"? i defer to your evidently vast knowledge of what the hell that even is.tell me how to do it? i wanna learn.is it a group of disgruntled so called "fans" that flood the internet with garbage from time to time?or is it more sinister than that?you are obviously on some kind of ill advised street team :"let's get 'em guys","break",do you do a huddle or slap fives before you take your weak ass commentary to "the streets"?…but yet again you think the internet belongs to you jokers. so any one who expresses intelligence is part of a "street team" who isn't allowed to comment.they don't have to be responded to.more smoke and mirrors.you cats never respond to anything directly,because you can't.you woefully don't know how,keep trying though…i'm sure you guys are in your control room saying "get somebody on that" "this aggression will not stand" probably mixed in with some intermittent snickering.really, i defer to your "posse" when it comes to "street teaming".i can't hold a candle to your desperate efforts…

  51. Anythony Two Fingas from BK says:

    Solar you are transparent. I don't know what you did or have over Keith Elam but surely he owes you a lot.

    Ask yourself this question – Would you have a career without Guru?

    You are self-indulgent, uneducated, unsophisticated and extremely untalented yet you fight right through it and still tell yourself you're a super producer. You haven't produced anything super and in a few years from now nobody will even remember your name. In simple words you're a hack.

  52. Anonymous says:

    "up and and at 'em"!… hey i have a name for your street team: "the sesame

    street team"! it's just like you're in a real 'hood isn't it?i knew you'd like


  53. MARTIAL ART says:

    new album is dookie.

  54. Anonymous says:

    i didn't hear the interview/ not going to, I've met Guru 8 years back and he was a pompous dick! Now granted, you give an OG his due and sometimes they can come off like your a peasant and coming from the hood, you have to learn that you must take things like that but he was a jerk off, a few people who knew him (not of him) said he was a dick-I don't know but after that time I've met him, he was removed from my favorite rappers category.
    WHy? Well a man that claims to be that enlightened doesn't act like a pig especially if he proclaims a religion that shuns the pork-get me?

  55. Anonymous says:

    frankly it sounds like you made that story up…because it's vague as hell.the only detail you give us is that it was 8 years ago(that's quite a few years ago as well).we haven't heard any story here,let alone both sides of it….c'mon your street team can do better than that.where's super grover?

  56. Cenzi Stiles says:

    hahahaha.. This whole post is just classic.. I had to come back to read this once again….

  57. Anonymous says:

    People here dont seem to realise that many artists try to evolve & take risks.Guru knows that gangstarr reached its peak & he's closed that chapter & trying something new,Even though its not my style You cant compare it with premiere or gangstarr because they never evolved since the jazzy stuff.when did premier last try something new & challenging? premier should be working with musicians & doing movie scores by now rather than reproducing the same predictable 90s beats,tempo & scratched sentences.. It's real hip hop but it's not taking any risks .Guru is a MULTIDIMENSIONAL producer & has been experimenting since 93, i think thats the reason behind the split.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Fuk i cant believe i got thru all that.Man you dudes can write some fuked up shit.Honestly im a huge gangstarr fan and it required both of them,not just preem not just guru!They had mad chemistry and i can honestly say its fukin sad they split.id really like to know why exactly it happened seems quite a mistery but thats life aint it nothin good lasts forever.Facts are facts preemo is a god on the beat and you cant replace him Solar aint wak at all but he aint preem and nor should he try to be.I've heard some decent shit from guru and solar didnt sound like gangstarr didnt expect it to either.Guru has droped some absoulute classic raps in my mind but ill say this while he was gangstarr i put him in my top ten by himself im not sure where id put him but hes still done enuff to be in the hall of fame.peace

  59. Anonymous says:

    Damn i think i shoulda listened to that fastlane trak first i was goin off wat i heard a few yrs ago.jesus guru thats terrible even for sold out commercial crunk shit or whatever the fuk it is.Im an mc and producer and if i made a beat like that or wrote such a mediocre bull shit rhyme(with auto tune no less) my whole crewand fans would disown me nah actully my whole city would.Theres experimental and then theres blatant sold out fukin toy shit and thats wat that fastlane trak is.Retire now plz before new schoolers hear this and never even bother with wat you done wen you were real.

  60. verge says:

    Yeah, that was awful. I won't front, though, there is a video out that is pretty dope. I was surprised, which is kinda sad. Here it is-

  61. Anonymous says:

    Ah yeah i heard this trak a couple yrs ago thats wat i mean,i didnt mind that album was pretty decent even in terms of beats.i still wouldnt call solar a super producer thats a fair stretch.Wat i dont get is he obviously knows wat hip hop is if he made beats like that and that hall of fame traks pretty dope.Why the new shit? its your fukin label no one said you had to make ya shit pop to sell infact youd sell more probly by keepin shit real,well you definetly aint gonnabe gaining anymore respect and from listening to gangstarr shit for so long i kinda assumed that was important to you guru.guess not.If you and preem got beef over some real shit (which does happen of course)and you cant see eye to eye thats cool our culture is infested with beef and politics cos it comes from the streets and jails the same also but fuk this solar dick head off and go hook up with a producer thats not gonna lead you into such a fake direction.Anyways enuff ranting peace.

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