Tha Stik Up Kidz – F*ck A Record Deal! (CD 2002)

First, I would like to say that I have no information on this release. I randomly found it on Ebay while looking at a seller’s items for sale. It was titled ”F*ck A Record Deal” by Tha Stik Up Kidz. I decided to take a chance and buy it for a few bucks. When I received it, I immediately looked in the booklet and i spotted the release date ‘2002’. I was a little disappointed as I originally thought that it was something from the 90’s. I played it on my cd player and it blew my mind. The Stik Up Kidz had lots of skills and the beats were on point! Listen to it and tell me if it’s not a dope album. Track 2 , ’93, takes you back to the days when MCs had skills. If you have any information on this album/group, please let me know. I don’t even know where Tha Stik Up Kidz are from? Enjoy,

Download re-upped 04/04/12

— Thomas V

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10 Responses to “Tha Stik Up Kidz – F*ck A Record Deal! (CD 2002)”

  1. dat_triflin_ass_dude says:

    never hearf of em neither but i'll give it a shot.

  2. verge says:

    Yea, I can't blame you for copping this one, Thomas. I don't think I could have passed up on an artist/album name combo like that. Lol
    Sounds pretty decent from the snippets, too.
    My first guess would be that they were from NY or NJ. More specifically, Brooklyn or Newark.
    I'm just guessing, though. I have no idea.

  3. Jaz says:

    This is dope, good looking out Thomas

  4. thomasv says:

    @verge , lol you're right, that's why i bought it … haha.

  5. yoyobyebye44 says:

    all i can find is that they are associated with spectone productions…


  6. andrewfromrussia says:

    It's Dope!

  7. jowhite says:

    That's Chan Epic's crew.


    Down in Tallahassee now, but I think he's from Ohio.

    OkayPlayers will know him.

  8. A to the Lex says:

    never heard of them but what i heard until now … ill shit. dope rap music … thx for sharing with us

  9. Sector C says:

    yeah, I knew them in Tallahassee too. Chan Epic's still there, don't know what happened to two of them, but dude in the Yankees cap is doing his thing in New York now with a new crew, Gridlock Fam.


  10. verge says:

    link re-upped in the original post.

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