Baltimore & Washington DC Underground Part 6

Here’s volume 6 from my Baltimore/Washington Dc series. This is one of the compilations I’m most proud of. It’s packed with obscurities. Out of the 300+ compilations I’ve done, this is probably the one I spent the most money on. That ‘random rap’ doesn’t come cheap ya know. Yes DWG, some of this material is actually new to you. I know I say this alot, but I return to volume 6 over and over. The phrase for today is ‘shelf life’. To my diggers out there like ThomasV, U/No is Nonchalant’s 1st group before she started out on her own. My favorite track though has got to be the cut by ‘Capitol Punishment Crew’. Ripped from cassette, the tape cover tells us it was recorded and mixed at ‘the studio above Discount Mart’. I have to wonder how many unheard classics were recorded at the mysterious and now much hallowed Discount Mart. Dc natives speak up!

Download here

01 (4:49) the p.o.p. – claim’n my city (washington dc 1992)
02 (4:03) u/no – hip hop (remix) (washington dc 1993)
03 (4:17) capitol punishment crew – down with cpc (washington dc 1991)
04 (4:23) ii ta’ life – gimme dat (baltimore 1991)
05 (3:02) massive ring – funk wrecker (washington dc 1993)
06 (4:07) diffarent kombonation – international (washington dc 1996)
07 (4:47) hue lord, verbal, derrick rebel, timmy 2x, and clepto – catch the contact (baltimore 1998)
08 (2:24) madchild – untitled (lanham 1995)
09 (3:36) raunchy fella – sleepers (baltimore 1996)
10 (4:05) questionmark asylum – lookaway (erick sermon remix) (washington dc 1995)
11 (4:15) mad max squad – lots of love (freestyle) (baltimore 1998)
12 (3:29) jb the messenga and lo ‘the god mc’ – rap shit (baltimore 2001)
13 (3:38) whitelock city – bobba hop (baltimore 1997)
14 (4:30) raw elements – 20 below (radio) (baltimore 1997)
15 (3:48) circle of native vibes – east is red (baltimore 1997)
16 (3:28) norm skola – norm skola (baltimore 1998)
17 (4:38) baaad influence – come alive (washington dc 1995)
18 (5:09) khaos and dba – analyze the style part 2 (baltimore 1992)
19 (1:50) endzone boys – redskin pride (washington dc 1992)
20 (2:45) skrap jack – the bitch set me up (baltimore 1990)
21 (3:22) sam the beast – lockdown (45 king remix) (baltimore 1996)

Some of the tracks you might have a hard time tracking down elsewhere include numbers 1-3, 7, 11-13, and 16-20. Remember Marion Berry, crack-smoking mayor from the district ? We all know the bitch set him up! These regional compilations are one of my favorite things to do so if you like them let me know! Thanks for reading.


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7 Responses to “Baltimore & Washington DC Underground Part 6”

  1. aREAL says:

    props man for all these compilations! mad respect to u Schenectadyfan!

  2. P M X says:

    what the f*ck?!? BIG UPs for coming with some special selections even lifetime DC residents in the game wouldn't know about! keep it comin with the drummin LARGE

  3. thomasv says:

    thanks schnectadyfan, I'll check it out!

  4. P M X says:

    more props @ Schenectadyfan and Philaflav for the thorough research + crazy one-offs from DC cats in the 90s underground. I can tell you for sure most of whats posted received NO airplay here in DC, w/ the exception of 'Lookaway' by QMA and even that was scarce. Dope x10000

  5. Andrew says:

    Really dope stuff here, thanks again. Is that Whitelock City on 12" or CD, I'd like to hear more from them.

  6. aREAL says:

    Would it be possible to guide me to compilation #1 and #2? I can't seem to find them.

  7. verge says:

    @aReal- Here you go, let me know if you still can't find them.

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