Various Artists – 95% Biz

In 2002/2003 I began doing these compilations that I post all the time. Back then, they were mostly for my own consumption. Sure, I’d share with friends but never really on the internet. In the past seven years or so I have really gotten into them. These days, listening to albums is the exception not the rule.

Once in awhile I do something specifically for the blog. I’ll think about the spirit of T.R.O.Y., what it means to me, what it represents to hip hop. Todays post is one such example. The nineties boom bap presented to you here is timeless, inspired, still as musical now as it was then. Will Hook or Black Saturday be any less relevant 20 years from now ? My answer is no. As a youth I was exposed to many different sounds. Classical music, rock, jazz, reggae, afro-cuban percussion, these were a few of the genres I was introduced to. I know that I am not alone in this among my fellow contributors and our readers. All of these influences have left deep imprints and in this way hip hop will speak volumes to future generations. I hope you and even your kids are still digging this one many years down the road.

Download here

01 (4:03) Hook – 95% Biz (New York 1996)
02 (2:42) Global Phlowtations – Subterranean Service (Los Angeles 1997)
03 (4:50) Knowtoryus – Back Stabber (Germany/Ca/Ny 1995)
04 (4:23) Empty Pockets – Getto Beat (Arizona 1995)
05 (4:02) Phat Pockets – Rainbow In The Sky (Nederlands 1997)
06 (0:41) Sharpshooters – Fire When Ready (Seattle 1996)
07 (4:29) Da Basement Society – Payin’ Em (Nebraska 1994)
08 (3:38) The Realist – Where (Michigan)(1994?)
09 (2:06) Alps Cru – The Wait (Featuring Mizz) (Chicago 1994)
10 (2:45) Red, Black & Green – Evil Light Box (Canada 1993)
11 (4:23) Black Saturday – What’s an Excecutioner? (Tampa Fl 1992)
12 (3:55) Walkin’ Large – In Here (The Ill Way) (Germany 1995)
13 (4:00) Black Moon – S–T Iz Real (New York 1993)
14 (5:07) Northern Exposure – To The East (Hidden Track) (Maine 1994)

As usual this is peppered with some rare tunes. Let me know what’s new to you and leave some comments if you like the selection.


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5 Responses to “Various Artists – 95% Biz”

  1. dochiphop says:

    looks like a nice comp… i'm looking forward to hearing it- some stuff there i've never heard. Love the Global Phlowtation u included. Thanx!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    can i get some closer shots of that collection?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Whut? A Northern Exposure track sees the light of day in 2009?

  4. Schenectadyfan says:

    The shot there was taken by my cell phone so I'm not sure another one would be much better. Sorry.

    Glad y'all dig the compilation, thanks for the comments!

  5. HiPHoPKiDD911 says:

    Can you please Re Up this?.. Thanks!!

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