Boot Camp Click – Duck Down Sampler VLS (1996)

Here we have a rare promotional Duck Down Sampler vinyl from 1996. If you are familiar with the Headz Ain’t Ready VLS, no instrumentals were featured for the main track. Well, the sampler starts off with a dub instrumental of Headz Ain’t Ready(Original Buckshot Mix). I know some of you are already saying “why didn’t they just put the full instrumental without any vocals”, well I don’t know. The next track is Let Tha Brainz Blo (Babee Pall’s Dolla Cab Lab Mix) by Heltah Skeltah. I don’t know if this is supposed to be a Baby Paul remix but it sounds identical to the album version on Nocturnal; maybe it was released before the album? The B-Side wins again on this 12″: Boot Camp Click – Niggaz Ain’t Ready (Dirty F*cking Mix). While the original Headz Ain’t Ready 12″ version isn’t censored, instead of saying “Headz” on the chorus, it now says “Niggaz”. I believe that it is a super rare version that can only be found on this sampler which hasn’t been ripped on the blogsphere until now. Enjoy!

A1 – Boot Camp Click – Headz Ain’t Ready (Original Headz Instrumental)
A2 – Heltah Skeltah – Let Tha Brainz Blo (Babee Pall’s Dolla Cab Lab Mix)
B1 – Boot Camp Click – Niggaz Ain’t Ready (Dirty F*cking Mix)


— Thomas V

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10 Responses to “Boot Camp Click – Duck Down Sampler VLS (1996)”

  1. Shaun D. aka Wicked says:

    I ripped the "Niggz Ain't Ready" from my vinyl for a friend a few years ago, maybe '05 or '06. This is a nice piece of wax to own. Glad I gots mine! 😉

  2. verge says:

    Oh shit. If this is the mix I think it is, dope.
    I remember hearing it on Bobbito, then going out and copping whatever single 'Heads Aint Ready' was on and it was the wrong mix. And then I found the right mix and it was clean. Or something like that. Thanks Thomas.

  3. verge says:

    Well, I'll be damned. This is it. Wow, and to think none of my boys believed me about this mix back in the day.
    You just made my day, Thomas. Thanks again.

  4. thomasv says:

    No Problem Verge! I actually had this 12" for a while, I didn't know it was that rare until I went back to it a few days ago.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Very nice, a thousand thank yous. PEACE

  6. Anonymous says:

    A million thanks sir. Been on the hunt for this for years had a bad copy from a tape from strech & bobbito that I recorded.

  7. verge says:

    @Anonymous- Ha, that's the only other time I heard that too. You still got Bobbito tapes, hit us up or join our Skypager and share if you can. Peace.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I know im hitting you back a few days late but yeah I still got a nice stash of strech and bobbito tapes and wouldnt mind sharing them only thing is that they are in storage but since im currently looking to cop a tape deck that connects to my PC to make everything easier (any suggestions ? Im looking to cop one asap ) ill be sure to pass along anything you need since this blog has blessed me with madd gems.

  9. T.R.O.Y. says:

    @CeeLow- Thanks for the response. I hear you on that. Here's a link to a Cassette Deck that hooks right up to your computer and turns it to mp3- http://www.amazon.com/Ion-Tape2PC-USB-Cassette-Deck/dp/B000VG802I
    There's a instructional video in that link(lol at dude with the 'wicked awesome mix tape')but I don't have one, so I can't really put my word on it. It looks aiight but I swear I found a better for someone else who was looking to do the same thing, somewhere else.
    Thanks again. Let me know how things turn out.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Wow!!! I have been looking for Niggaz aint ready for YEARS! My then boyfriend(now husband) had it on a Ron C mixtape back in 96 and I have looked for this ever since. Thanks!

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