Philly Retrospective Volume 7

Hittin’ ya with volume 7 of the Philly retrospective series today. There are some underground gems here for you phanatics. Starting off is a classic banger by Lux. As far as I know this was his first official tape. If he did something else earlier than 1994 I’d love to know. Next up is a dark, haunting tune by Tainted Mindz. I’m assuming most of our readers are familiar with the two releases they put out, ‘Killadelphia’ and ‘All In The Flip.’ If not, let me know and i’ll up them soon. Other favorites on volume 7 include tracks 7,8 and 11. One of these days I’ll post The Kartel album if anyone out there wants to hear it. Philadelphia is an endless gold mine for diggers and this compilation delivers in spades.

Download here

01 (4:00) Lux – Boom Box 1994
02 (3:00) Tainted Mindz – Forced To Take It 1995
03 (4:49) Lower Life Forms – Independence Day 1994
04 (2:53) Rahsheed – R.A.P. Featuring Dj Jazz 1998
05 (1:21) The Mountain Brothers – Black Whirlwind 1998
06 (3:58) Preacher Earl & the Ministry – Gunz (Buckshot remix) 1994 (Ny)
07 (4:37) Ram Squad – r.a.w. streets of rage 1996
08 (4:10) Schooly D – welcome to America 1994
09 (4:19) Lost Cawz – Hooks 1994 (Ny ?)
10 (4:59) Cipha – Rock Rock On 1994
11 (2:59) The Kartel – Nothing but Timberlands 1997
12 (4:45) Adagio – Hold Tight 1997
13 (5:02) Ill Advised – Against The Grain 1996
14 (4:26) Black Opz – Urban Legendz 1997
15 (4:22) Da youngstas – Illy Filly Funk 1994
16 (1:36) Chops (Of The Mountain Brothers) – Tough Guy Strut 2003
17 (4:31) The Goats – Mutiny 1994
18 (4:45) F-Mob – Da Underground 1993
19 (3:42) Indikator – Back To Yorktown 1994
20 (5:34) Militant Minister – Killer Endstinct 1994

You’ll notice a couple of tracks are from New York, not Philadelphia. That’s how it goes sometimes when I’m compiling these regional compilations. I find things out later. In any case, I hope you enjoy the selection!


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3 Responses to “Philly Retrospective Volume 7”

  1. dochiphop says:

    nice comp… philly is a goldmine! I would love to hear the 3 albums you mentioned in your write up as i have never heard them before. There is also a newer group outta Houston called Lower Life Form (ironic). Anyway… thanx as always for the dope tunes!!

  2. mikhail says:

    up that kartel album

  3. Olskool4real says:

    Philly Philly! Keep em coming !! I passed on a few of these cuts back in the day, you know being a Philly m.c. at that time hater ade was that juice!! Ha!Ha! So when some of these cats dropped I never even listened I wanted to battle em!!None the less the opportunity to check out some cats that overlooked is always a good thing!! Thanks for taking the time to aknowledge and post these Philly joints!! And oh yes the Kartel

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